Young Heroes Heroine Became Successful By Agriculture

Young Heroes  Heroine Became Successful By Agriculture

Cover photo of this eBook : YOUNG HEROES/HEROINE BECAME SUCCESSFUL BY AGRICULTURE WRITER: Md.Sifat Hossain Chapters list: 1.Mohon(Young hero 1) 2.Sabbir(Young hero 2) 3.Samina (Young heroine ) 4.Shoaib(Young hero 3) Mohon(Young hero 1) ...

Author: Md Sifat Hossain

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9783754673874

Category: Self-Help

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This eBook tells 4 lifestories who became Successful Through Agriculture. Writers information : Hello I am Sifat. I was born in 1999. FIRST life story of this eBook Mohon: I had a friend named Mohon.He was meritorious but poor. Because of his poverty, he could not continue his study after class twelve .But he had a strong will power. He took training about building an agricultural farm using a scientific method from "Bangladesh Youth Development Bureau".After taking training he built an agricultural farm.To build that agricultural farm, he took taka 500000 as a loan from Grameen Bank Bangladesh. His sorrowful life story was starting to turn into a successful life story. His farm was becoming more profitable day by day.His farm was able to produce Rice,Wheat,Brinjal in plenty and by selling them he was becoming fluent and rich day by day. He paid taka 500000 to Grameen Bank Bangladesh in time.After some years, he became one of the richest persons Was he not a hero? Of course he was Do you want to read next 3 lifestories also? Buy this eBook and read next
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The Young Heroes of the Bible Or Illustrations of the Power of Youthful Piety in Three Lectures

The Young Heroes of the Bible  Or  Illustrations of the Power of Youthful Piety  in Three Lectures

The influence of youthful piety constituted Joseph , the son of Jacob , such a hero . ... and triumphed with delighted joy ; and even now no sooner does the name of our young hero sound in our ears than we see before us an amiable youth ...

Author: Samuel NEWTON (Minister of the United Methodist Free Church, Newcastle-under-Lyme.)


ISBN: BL:A0019334377



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Young Heroes of the Bible

Young Heroes of the Bible

15.00 US $ 22.00 CAN Ages 8 up What makes a young person a hero? Is it standing up to a gigantic bully? Is it offering a thirsty stranger a drink of water? Or is it learning humility from your older brothers?

Author: Kirk Douglas

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: PSU:000046469540

Category: Bible stories

Page: 154

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Five stories from the Bible, retold by legendary actor and acclaimed author Kirk Douglas
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A Young Hero

A Young Hero

12mo , cloth , price $ 1.00 , The hero , a young English lad . after rather a stormy boyhood , emigrates to Australia , and gets employment as an officer in the mounted police . A few years of a tive work on the frontier , where he has ...

Author: Edward Sylvester Ellis


ISBN: UOM:39015063551348

Category: Animals

Page: 324

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Story about a boy who captured a lion.
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Heroes in the Troubled Times

Heroes in the Troubled Times

There are many things that I should ask you young and promising young heroes to do as I please and to amaze the world with a single feat!" Sect Master, you don't have to be modest! Actually, I have heard of it for a long time.

Author: Xiefeng Guimei

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781646770823

Category: Fiction


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There was a bright moon three feet above his head, and an azure dragon embroidered on his sleeves. Riding a horse with a sword, indulging in unbridled pleasures, roaming the Jianghu with his lover.
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The heroes ancient Greek tales for my chkildren

The heroes ancient Greek tales for my chkildren

And the old man stretched his hands out, and felt him, and said, „Do not mock me, young hero. My son Jason is dead long ago at sea.‟ „I am your own son Jason, whom you trusted to the Centaur upon Pelion; and I have brought home the ...

Author: Charles Kingsley


ISBN: 9781291494129

Category: Fiction

Page: 291

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The heroes - inspiration for my generation and all others. Excitement and insight for children of all ages in Kingsley's masterly reselling s
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European Heroes

European Heroes

And a s one rider reached his peak, s o another younger one would emerge to challenge; there were Kings and Dauphins of the ... here was 'the kind of man the Tour needed, a young hero, brave and impulsive, both determined and refined, ...

Author: Pierre Lanfranchi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135238988

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Historians of popular culture have recently been addressing the role of myth, and now it is time that social historians of sport also examined it. The contributors to this collection of essays explore the symbolic meanings that have been attached to sport in Europe by considering some of the mythic heroes who have dominated the sporting landscapes of their own countries. The ambition is to understand what these icons stood for in the eyes of those who watched or read about these vessels into which poured all manner of gender, class and patriotic expectations.
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Gods and Heroes

Gods and Heroes

When the ship was ready, heralds went to every part of the land, inviting young heroes to test themselves against unknown Fate. They came forward readily. Tiphys, the great navigator, was the helmsman and he was aided by eagle-eyed ...

Author: Michael Foss

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 9781782432531

Category: Social Science

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The travelling storyteller combined many talents: scholar, educator, linguist, poet and musician. He showed learning, curiosity and judgement, but most of all he could not resist a good story. True to their original telling and stripped of the sanitization of later centuries, these powerful tales make compelling reading. The traveller's tales are shaped by the landscape, character, tradition and weather of the stops along his journey: standing below the snow-streaked, cloud-capped massif of Olympus, he feels the awe and majesty of the gods. In the wilderness of Thessaly, menaced by bears and wolves, he recognises the cruel, barbarian anger of Achilles and the ferocious extravagance of Hercules. In soft Eleusis, strong wine at the day's end brings him to the Mysteries of Dionysus and the Bacchic frenzy. The Mycenaean ruins impress on him the workings of the hand of fate: the frailty of empire, the waste of the ten year's Trojan war, the horror of Agamemnon's domestic grief. Under the illumination of the startling Greek light the storyteller interprets for his listeners the sense they have of themselves. His stories of myth and legend are the oldest speculations of the first deep-thinking people of Europe. They are also the first and longest-lasting entertainments of the European imagination.
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at such a young age did his image undergo a truly remarkable transformation. His death catapulted him into the rarified air of presidential myth and legend. People began viewing Kennedy as a fallen hero tragically unable to fulfill his ...

Author: Scott T. Allison

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199831104

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, Rick in Casablanca--why do we perceive certain people as heroes? What qualities do we see in them? What must they do to win our admiration? In Heroes, Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals offer a stimulating tour of the psychology of heroism, shedding light on what heroism and villainy mean to most people and why heroes--both real people and fictional characters--are so vital to our lives. The book discusses a broad range of heroes, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino, Senator Ted Kennedy, and explorer Ernest Shackleton, plus villains such as Shakespeare's Iago. The authors highlight the Great Eight traits of heroes (smart, strong, selfless, caring, charismatic, resilient, reliable, and inspiring) and outline the mental models that we have of how people become heroes, from the underdog who defies great odds (David vs. Goliath) to the heroes who redeem themselves or who overcome adversity. Brimming with psychological insight, Heroes provides an illuminating look at heroes--and into our own minds as well.
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Heroes of Olympus

Heroes of Olympus

The young hero was just about to drink when Aegeus saw the sword hanging from his belt. He recognized it as his own and knocked the cup from Theseus's hands. Aegeus proclaimed that the visitor was his own son, the heir to the throne ...

Author: Philip Freeman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781442417304

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 353

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Offers adaptation of classic Greek and Roman myths from Philip Freeman's "Oh My Gods."
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