Combining Methods In Educational And Social Research

Combining Methods In Educational And Social Research

Conducting educational research Series editor: Harry Torrance, University of Sussex This series is aimed at research students ... and Conducting Qualitative Research in Education Lyn Yates: What Does Good Educational Research Look Like?

Author: Gorard, Stephen

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335213078

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This title provides a guide to mixing or combining methods in educational and social research and covers complex interventions, Bayesian approaches, new political arithmetic, triangulation, life histories and design studies.
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Philosophy Methodology and Educational Research

Philosophy  Methodology and Educational Research

This book evaluates the increasingly wide variety of intellectual resources for research methods and methodologies and investigates what constitutes good educational research.

Author: David Bridges

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405145138

Category: Philosophy

Page: 386

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This book evaluates the increasingly wide variety of intellectual resources for research methods and methodologies and investigates what constitutes good educational research. Written by a distinguished international group of philosophers of education Questions what sorts of research can usefully inform policy and practice, and what inferences can be drawn from different kinds of research Demonstrates the critical engagement of philosophers of education with the wider educational research community and illustrates the benefits that can accrue from such engagement
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Research Methods for Education second edition

Research Methods for Education  second edition

The What Works clearing house was set up in 2002 by the US Department of Education as a repository or what works in ... Second, for those used to taking decisions on the basis of numerical evidence, qualitative research can seem 'wishy ...

Author: Peter Newby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317637158

Category: Education

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Research Methods for Education, Second Edition takes the student by the hand and guides them through the complex subject of research methods in an engaging, witty and clear way. The book covers the philosophical approaches and epistemology, as well as the practical aspects of research, such as designing questionnaires and presenting conclusions. Each chapter is split into 'Context' and 'Practice' and both sections are packed with exercises, examples and comparative international material from other educational contexts, Peter Newby's book is the student-friendly text which demystifies the research process with clarity and verve. Key features: -written in a clear and friendly manner to help students feel more confident dealing with the complexities of research and particularly useful for those new to research or less confident with numbers -a mixed methods approach, which doesn't simply prioritise quantitative or qualitative methods, allowing for greatest possible coverage contains guidance on analytic procedures that require more advanced tools such as SPSS and Minitab -many excellent international examples and case studies specifically from education, which breaks away from a parochial focus on UK education system.
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Colorado Journal of Educational Research

Colorado Journal of Educational Research

It can be concluded that the results of this study indicate that either the G or S score is a fair predictor of a person's WAIS full scale score. However, it was found that the G score may be an underestimator and the S score an ...



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Comparative Education Research

Comparative Education Research

conduct of experimental research in individualistic cultures cannot be compared to the same paradigm utilised in ... like my principal, view the purpose of research, which is to identify, even celebrate, “goodeducational practice.

Author: Mark Bray

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402061882

Category: Education

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Approaches and methods in comparative education research are of obvious importance, but do not always receive adequate attention. This book contributes new insights within the longstanding traditions of the field. A particular feature is the focus on different units of analysis. Individual chapters compare places, systems, times, cultures, values, policies, curricula and other units. These chapters are contextualised within broader analytical frameworks which identify the purposes and strengths of the field. The book includes a focus on intra-national as well as cross-national comparisons, and highlights the value of approaching themes from different angles. The book will be of great value not only to producers of comparative education research but also to consumers who wish to understand more thoroughly the parameters and value of the field.
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Ethics and Education Research

Ethics and Education Research

It is important to note that virtue ethics is contextual rather than absolute. Different virtues are included on lists in different eras and locations and each virtue will be interpreted differently as well. For example, courage may ...

Author: Rachel Brooks

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473908598

Category: Reference

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Part of the popular BERA/SAGE Research Methods in Education series, this is the first book to specifically focus on the ethics of Education research. Drawn from the authors’ experiences in the UK, Australia and mainland Europe and with contributions from across the globe, this clear and accessible book includes a wide range of examples The authors show how to: identify ethical issues which may arise with any research project gain informed consent provide information in the right way to participants present and disseminate findings in line with ethical guidelines All researchers, irrespective of whether they are postgraduate students, practising teachers or seasoned academics, will find this book extremely valuable for its rigorous and critical discussion of theory and its strong practical focus. Rachel Brooks is Professor of Sociology and Head of the Sociology Department at the University of Surrey, UK. Kitty te Riele is Principal Research Fellow in the Victoria Institute for Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning, at Victoria University in Australia. Meg Maguire is Professor of Sociology of Education at King’s College London.
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Circular Educational Research Service

Circular   Educational Research Service

Accordingly the American student , when he reaches college , is not so well prepared as the average European freshman . ... Thus it is that the American student in his last two years at school does not often know what he is going to be ...

Author: Educational Research Service (Arlington, Va.)


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Higher Education Research

Higher Education Research

47), to take a second example, put it slightly differently: By methods, we mean that range of approaches used in educational research to gather data which are to be used as a basis for inference and interpretation, for explanation and ...

Author: Malcolm Tight

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474283755

Category: Education

Page: 256

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Research into higher education has blossomed internationally during the last few decades, as participation in higher education has expanded and concern over delivering it effectively has increased. Higher Education Research offers an overview of what we have learnt through researching different aspects of higher education. Leading academic in the field Malcolm Tight codifies and classifies all research on higher education, offering an accessible but comprehensive guide to the field and its scope. Topics covered include: Teaching and learning Course and design Student experience Quality System policy Institutional management Academic work Knowledge and research Tight discusses the work of key researchers, and explores the varied use of methodologies, theoretical frameworks and research designs. He also identifies topics and areas where further research is needed.
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Theory and Method in Higher Education Research

Theory and Method in Higher Education Research

the research. Secondly, the pilot study should be used as a good opportunity to practice and improve interview and portrait writing skills. This is because semistructured interviews are used as the principal data collection method, ...

Author: Jeroen Huisman

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781802624434

Category: Education

Page: 184

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This volume presents international perspectives on the application and development of theory and methodology in researching higher education. Topics discussed include critical race theory; the use of communities of practice theory; participant ethnography; and decolonization using indigenous principles.
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Gamification in Education Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Gamification in Education  Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

(2015) call this lack of integration of game and educational design as “One of the biggest issues with educational games to date” (p. 392). The issue here is that both are necessary conditions to have a good educational game: To be ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522551997

Category: Education

Page: 677

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Serious games provide a unique opportunity to fully engage students more than traditional teaching approaches. Understanding the best way to utilize these games and the concept of play in an educational setting is imperative for effectual learning in the 21st century. Gamification in Education: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is an innovative reference source for the latest academic material on the different approaches and issues faced in integrating games within curriculums. Highlighting a range of topics, such as learning through play, virtual worlds, and educational computer games, this publication is ideally designed for educators, administrators, software designers, and stakeholders in all levels of education.
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