The Seed Thief

The Seed Thief

'And even if I had any seeds – which I don't – just how do you propose I get them back without papers? ... Wrap them up with bags of coffee and other duty-free stuff. ... But if you leave the seeds there, things stay the same.

Author: Jacqui L’Ange

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 9781415206485

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Sometimes the thing you find is not the one you were looking for. When botanist Maddy Bellani is asked to travel to Brazil to collect rare seeds from a plant that could cure cancer, she reluctantly agrees. Securing the seeds would be a coup for the seed bank in Cape Town where she works, but Brazil is the country of her birth and home to her estranged father. Her mission is challenging, despite the help of alluring local plant expert Zé. The plant specimen is elusive, its seeds guarded by a sect wary of outsiders. Maddy must also find her way in a world influenced by unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies and the selfish motives of others. Entrancing and richly imagined, The Seed Thief is a modern love story with an ancient history, a tale that moves from flora of Table Mountain to the heart of Afro-Brazilian spiritualism.
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NOT LOST What Happened To The Seed You Sowed

NOT LOST   What Happened To The Seed You Sowed

Yes, He does something else with the seeds we all sow because He is not a con. Everyone has a name, and our names are part of us. The purpose of naming people, things, and living things, is to identify, clarify, and facilitate ...

Author: NOT LOST - What Happened To The Seed You Sowed?

Publisher: Primedia E-launch LLC

ISBN: 9781637324967

Category: Religion


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Seed sowing is an amazing thing to do. Some seeds have been sown and fruits have been seen. On the other hand, some other seeds were sown, but the expected fruit was not seen. No seed that God gave instructions to be sown can ever be lost, yet you did not see your expected fruit. So, what happened to the seed you sowed? This book will tell you WHY and what you should do to see the expected fruits of every seed you sow. This is the book you have been looking for. Grab it, read it, and settle down in aspiration as you continue sowing cheerfully and fervently, reaping the harvest at the end.
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The Age of Seeds

The Age of Seeds

If there was a single common cause of death in seeds, 'you would expect something very specific to go down as you see things die, or go up as you see things die. We have a lot of dead things and we never find the same analyte!

Author: Fiona McMillan-Webster

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Australia

ISBN: 9781760763077

Category: Science

Page: 320

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Plants evolved seeds to hack time. Thanks to seeds they can cast their genes forward into the future, enabling species to endure across seasons, years, and occasionally millennia. When a 2000-year-old extinct date palm seed was discovered, no one expected it to still be alive. But it sprouted a healthy young date palm. That seeds produced millennia ago could still be viable today suggests seeds are capable of extreme lifespans. Yet many seeds, including those crucial to our everyday lives, don't live very long at all. In The Age of Seeds Fiona McMillan-Webster tells the astonishing story of seed longevity, the crucial role they play in our everyday lives, and what that might mean for our future.
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Saving More Than Seeds

Saving More Than Seeds

Second, thestepbystep portrayal ignores that both theseeds andI cameto this encounter withour own histories – our own ... Having spent timewith these seeds as they've grown fora few years,I knowsomething about them and their lives, ...

Author: Dr Catherine Phillips

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472401823

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Saving More Than Seeds advances understandings of seed-people relations, with particular focus on seed saving. The practice of reusing and exchanging seeds provides foundation for food production and allows humans and seed to adapt together in dynamic socionatural conditions. But the practice and its practitioners are easily taken for granted, even as they are threatened by neoliberalisation. Combining original ethnographic research with investigation of an evolving corporate seed order, this book reveals seed saving not only as it occurs in fields and gardens but also as it associates with genebanking, genetic engineering, intellectual property rights, and agrifood regulations. Drawing on diverse social sciences literatures, Phillips illustrates ongoing practices of thinking, feeling, and acting with seeds, raising questions about what seed-people relations should accomplish and how different ways of relating might be pursued to change collective futures.
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The Works of Francis Bacon

   The    Works of Francis Bacon

He sang , says Virgil , How through the void of space the seeds of things Came first together ; seeds of the sea , land , air , And the clear fire ; how from these elements All embryos grew , and the great world itself Swelled by ...

Author: Francis Bacon


ISBN: ONB:+Z225192506


Page: 788

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Indian Medicinal Plant Seeds

Indian Medicinal Plant Seeds

What could be more perplexing than the thought that what you eat, and all the trees and plants around us and all plantderived material, began with those tiny little things called seeds. Seed collection is also important for research, ...

Author: R. Singh

Publisher: Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 9789388172585

Category: Science

Page: 169

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Indian Medicinal Plant Seeds provides data about the seeds of 150 Indian medicinal plants at a glance, giving the readers a quick handy view on the information about a particular seed of interest. This book attempts to quench one’s thirst of medicinal plants seeds identification and their medicinal importance. This book will be an invaluable asset for people who need information about seeds exclusively, different from the normal trend of focusing on the leaves and flowers of a plant. The book dwells on seeds of medicinal plants and their traditional uses. The author provides a comprehensive and scientifically accurate guide to the best-known and most important 150 medicinal plants seeds. Each entry gives a short summary of each seed with a description of the plant, the distribution, therapeutic category, historical and modern uses, active ingredients, and pharmacological effects of the seeds. 150 full- colour photographs assist in the identification of the plants seeds. It will be a valuable reference guide for health care professionals, students, researchers, botanists, and especially pharmacists - or anyone with an interest in seeds of medicinal plants and their uses.
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The Doctrine of Life Or of Man s Redemption by the Seed of Eve the Seed of Abraham the Seed of David Etc

The Doctrine of Life  Or of Man s Redemption  by the Seed of Eve  the Seed of Abraham  the Seed of David  Etc

... to fee how the foul may ftand in judgemeut for the hope of erernall comfort , Gods aim is to bring us to this , faying nothing but Chrift , Pf.73 . and to this not to love the world , nor the things that are in the world .

Author: Edward HOLYOKE (of New England.)


ISBN: BL:A0021004494

Category: Puritans

Page: 484

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Ante Nicene Christian Library

Ante Nicene Christian Library

He says that all things are made from minute bodies which are incapable of division . If this were so , no object would ever need the seed of its own kind . Birds would be born without eggs , or eggs without bringing forth ; likewise ...

Author: Alexander Roberts


ISBN: IOWA:31858010749459

Category: Apostolic Fathers


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Categories: Apostolic Fathers

Seed to Harvest

Seed to Harvest

In the parable of the seeds, the thorns are the things of the enemy that distract you from receiving the light of God or the living water or from growing deep roots. The thorns are the thoughts he has whispered to you, saying, ...

Author: Shawna DeForest Morby

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781685701970

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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Do you ever wonder why the Bible uses so many references to seeds, plants, and harvest? Or why the first home for humanity was a garden? Does the abundance of foliage all around us perhaps have some wisdom from our maker entwined within its roots? When we compare our lives to the life cycle of plants, we can see similarities that allow us to relate, and in that relationship, there is wisdom and answers. Our world is surrounded by plant life in various stages of their life cycle, from seed form to harvest. There's no mistake that God first created a garden and had us work the ground. God's garden is the world around us! When we sit in the garden, not only are we blessed by God's colorful artistry, but we find wisdom for how to live our lives in abundance, producing fruit for God's harvest. As you read this book, you will discover God's love, his plan, and his purpose for you as you compare yourself to the seed, sprout, leaves, flowers, fruit, and harvest. You will also learn from God's divine design as we study the storms and pests that may hinder growth and stall or completely stop a potential harvest. How can we be prepared to weather the storms in our life? Is there something to be learned from the plants that have survived through drought, storms, and pests? You do not have to be a farmer or gardener to enjoy this book because everything we discuss is all around you! If your thumb isn't even the faintest bit of green you can still gain great wisdom from this book. God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called and that is you! Believe it or not, you are valuable. You are important in God's massive design, and he wants your help with the harvest. This book dives deep into the promises of God and how he planted you specifically with a purpose to enact change in this world, whether big or small, it's all impactful and so are you. 2
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Seeds the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Seeds  the Good  the Bad  and the Ugly

Philippians 1:6 And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you (you being the seed that He planted) will continue His ... He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

Author: Kendra Moore

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973668350

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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This book has not only been written for you, it’s about you. Imagine that you are a seed. A seed will become what it is created to be, no matter where it is planted. It is however affected by everything around it .... but that does not change what it is. There is no one else like you in the world! You are truly one of a kind. As we walk through our life’s garden, I want you to discover the amazingness that God has put inside of you. Prepare to be in awe of the magnificent gifts God has hidden in you, just waiting to be discovered. Just as a seed is in a packet, God wants to tear open the seed packet hidden inside you to reveal who He created you to be. Your beauty and purpose is just waiting to be discovered. Once discovered and nurtured to life, you will need to take impeccable care of it. It all depends on you! With the Master Gardener’s help, you are the gardener of your life. What happens to your garden depends on how you take care of it and what you allow to grow in it. Let’s walk down your garden’s path and discover your inner beauty and the garden God has planned uniquely for YOU. Are you ready? We have some gardening to do! ‘An inspirational guide for living your life like Jesus in preparation for meeting our Master Gardener!’ —Catherine Adolph, Fresh Life Church, Kalispell, Montana ‘You will find yourself captivated as you read each thought expressed in this heartfelt book, Seeds, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Thank you Kendra for reminding us of the importance of cultivating our garden daily, in order to experience every good thing the Master Gardener desires for us. Be blessed.’ —Karen Hartman, Littleton, Colorado ‘I have known this young woman, my niece, since the day she was born. Kendra was born with a song on her lips, a smile on her face, and a love for the Lord in her heart! I believe that anyone who reads this book will soon be doing the same.’ —Lonnie Shryer, Mission City Church, San Fernando, California, Promise Keepers Alumni
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