The Real War Against America

The Real War Against America

FOREWORD The story that my friend Brett Kingstone tells in The Real War Against America is as good as any spy novel you can pick up . There's mystery . There's danger . And there's a plot that a good author can take from the edge of ...

Author: Brett Kingstone

Publisher: Specialty Publishing Company

ISBN: 0975519921

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the real war will never get in the books

    the real war will never get in the books

Selections from Writers During the Civil War Louis P. Masur. Some pang of anguish—some tragedy, profounder than ever poet wrote. Out of them arise active and breathing forms. They summon up, even in this silent and vacant room as I ...

Author: Louis P. Masur

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199726868

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"These thousands, and tens and twenties of thousands of American young men, badly wounded, all sorts of wounds, operated on, pallid with diarrhea, languishing, dying with fever, pneumonia, &c. open a new world somehow to me, giving closer insights, new things, exploring deeper mines than any yet, showing our humanity, (I sometimes put myself in fancy in the cot, with typhoid, or under the knife,) tried by terrible, fearfulest tests, probed deepest, the living soul's, the body's tragedies, bursting the petty bounds of art." So wrote Walt Whitman in March of 1863, in a letter telling friends in New York what he had witnessed in Washington's war hospitals. In this, we see both a description of war's ravages and a major artist's imaginative response to the horrors of war as it "bursts the petty bounds of art." In "...the real war will never get in the books", Louis Masur has brought together fourteen of the most eloquent and articulate writers of the Civil War period, including such major literary figures as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Henry Adams, and Louisa May Alcott. Drawing on a wide range of material, including diaries, letters, and essays, Masur captures the reactions of these writers as the war was waged, providing a broad spectrum of views. Emerson, for instance, sees the war "come as a frosty October, which shall restore intellectual & moral power to these languid & dissipated populations." African-American writer Charlotte Forten writes sadly of the slaughter at Fort Wagner: "It seems very, very hard that the best and noblest must be the earliest called away. Especially has it been so throughout this dreadful war." There are writings by soldiers in combat. John Esten Cooke, a writer of popular pre-Revolutionary romances serving as a Confederate soldier under J.E.B. Stuart, describes Stonewall Jackson's uniform: "It was positively scorched by sun--had that dingy hue, the product of sun and rain, and contact with the ground...but the men of the old Stonewall Brigade loved that coat." And John De Forest, a Union officer, describes facing a Confederate volley: "It was a long rattle like that which a boy makes in running with a stick along a picket-fence, only vastly louder; and at the same time the sharp, quiet whit-whit of bullets chippered close to our ears." And along the way, we sample many vivid portraits of the era, perhaps the most surprising of which is Louisa May Alcott's explanation of why she preferred her noon-to-midnight schedule in a Washington hospital: "I like it as it leaves me time for a morning run which is what I need to keep well....I trot up & down the streets in all directions, some times to the Heights, then half way to Washington, again to the hill over which the long trains of army wagons are constantly vanishing & ambulances appearing. That way the fighting lies, & I long to follow." With unmatched intimacy and immediacy, "...the real war will never get in the books" illuminates the often painful intellectual and emotional efforts of fourteen accomplished writers as they come to grips with "The American Apocalypse."
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The Real War

The Real War

“Revolutionary war”—guerrilla war—hasbeen one of the Soviets' favorite instrumentsin World WarIII. During the periodwhen the European colonial empires were being dismantled, it was relatively simple to co-opt the calls for “liberation”; ...

Author: Richard Nixon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476731810

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In this landmark 1980 bestseller, Richard Nixon presents an effective analysis of strategic shortcomings and a prescription for renewed strength. Nixon’s tough-minded views discussed in this book became a blueprint for Ronald Reagan’s military buildup and strategic initiatives—which ultimately paved the way for the end of the Cold War. Highly relevant to contemporary times, Nixon argues persuasively that America must assume a role of global leadership to make sure the war of annihilation never happens. The economic, material, and technological capacities to prevail are not enough, he cautions, without the resolve of national will. He utilizes the lessons of history—from the Mongolian invasion of Russia to the revolution in Iran—to instruct the future. From his unique perspective as the former chief executive of the nation, he tells us how we can use our political, economic, and military strengths to turn the tide.
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The Real War on Terror

The Real War on Terror

Waging Holy War in the Peaceful Kingdom Derek Kubilus, Jonathan Priebe. Israel, the danger that Israel might ... Thirdly, in fighting this war, the only real war, we need to change the way we think about what it means to be a Christian.

Author: Derek Kubilus

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781556351532

Category: Religion

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Do you ever find yourself confused about the war and violence that pervade our post-9/11 world? On the one hand, the Bible and Christ speak of loving enemies and self-sacrifice. On the other hand, the world around us teaches, and most Christians seem to simply accept, that violence is necessary in a world wrecked with sin. Are Christians a people of peace? Does that peace have to be won through war? Should we fight for our convictions? Or die for them? Jonathan and Derek invite you to come along with them as they explore the biblical teachings on war and violence and attempt to construct a solidly biblical and uniquely Christian view of war and violence.
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Perspectives on the Real War

Perspectives on the Real War

This eight CD package is available for $25.00 (U.S.) Please visit for details. Topics from Perspectives on the Real War: Essays ofa Human Condition in Crisis may be heard on True Vine Treasures the daily/weekly ...

Author: Jr. Tony A Harris

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595380381

Category: Social Science

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While the nation is consumed with utilizing its time, talent and resources to fight a war on foreign soil, the real domestic battle continues to be ignored. This warfare can be found in any urbanized area in America. It can be found in our schools, in our single parent homes and in our correctional facilities. This combat can be detected on any city corner and in our once cohesive and loving communities. This conflict can be discovered in the prison of our minds. What must happen before those most affected realize that we must take ownership of this condition? When will we make a conscious decision to help ourselves? What will it take to call to arms a people willing to fervently work to put an end to a desperate plight that has haunted the so-called underprivileged far too long? The answers to these queries and many others lie embedded in the pages of these essays. Perspectives on the Real War: Essays of a Human Condition in Crisis is undoubtedly one of the most riveting, profound works to grace our lives since The Souls of Black Folk written by W.E. B. DuBois in 1903. We must make a drastic change while it is day. For night is drawing nigh and the end of time to reclaim the lost quickly approaching. We must seriously move beyond mere planning into effective execution. The season is ripe to reconcile, restore and redirect an endangered people hidden beneath the monoliths of racial and economic division Divisions that serve as the cornerstone of our American society.
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The Real War on Obesity

The Real War on Obesity

Real. 'War. on. Obesity'. Obesity is one of the most significant new challenges to have emerged for policymakers in the twenty-first century. Long considered a private matter, in recent times obesity has become associated with mounting ...

Author: John Boswell

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137582522

Category: Medical

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This book sheds new light on the political battle to define and construct obesity as a policy issue. Through a rich analysis of the debates in Australia and the UK, it develops a nuanced analysis of the competing narratives that actors rely on to make sense of and argue about this issue, and documents how and to what effect they draw on scientific evidence to support their accounts. The real 'war on obesity', it demonstrates, has always been over the meaning and nature of this public health crisis. This insightful work will interest scholars of interpretive policy studies, critical public health and science and technology studies.
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The real war in plain sight

The real war in plain sight

Some call him the first Jesuit pope, others see him as the false pope and others adore him for preaching globalism instead of the true words of God. The world should know about the revelations that are mentioned in the bible, ...

Author: Jean Dury

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716270420

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What a year we had, I feel like on a rollercoaster and my head is still spinning as I am writing the final chapter of 2020. I have this strange feeling that we are heading towards a cliff, those who will fall in the abyss and those who will get wings and fly towards salvation. The year unexpectedly started with the hidden enemy striking with a virus. The world was in shock, the world for the first time in history in complete lockdown. Are we about to see the end of darkness, are we about to see a new consciousness spreading around the world like wildfire? Many believe that we are living in prophetic times. Natural disasters, volcanic eruptions, diseases, war, famine all signs that feed the mind towards a supernatural event that is about to occur. Those who know the truth, can not sleep.
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Real War vs Reel War

Real War vs  Reel War

The popularity of these films, and their role in shaping viewers' understanding of World War II, raises questions about the relationship between Hollywood warfare and the real war. Was the war really as it was depicted in the movies?

Author: Suzanne Broderick

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442245563

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 173

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World War II has been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of films produced in the United States alone. From training camp scenes in See Here, Private Hargrove to images of brutal combat in Saving Private Ryan, filmmakers have been tasked with replicating pivotal moments in the war. But sometimes story lines and dramatic manipulations of audiences have led to less-than-faithful re-creations of what men and women have endured during times of conflict. In Real War vs. Reel War: Veterans, Hollywood, and World WarII, Suzanne Broderick looks at how on-screen portrayals hold up against wartime experiences of actual combatants—soldiers, sailors, pilots, code talkers, and prisoners of war. In addition, two women—real-life “Rosie the Riveters”—compare depictions of the homefront with their experiences during the war. These members of the Greatest Generation share personal memories and offer commentary on the films that have sought to capture what it was really like. Among the films discussed in this book are such classics as Battleground, Twelve O’Clock High, The Best Years of Our Lives, Since You Went Away, The Sands of Iwo Jima, and The Great Escape, as well as more contemporary films such as Swing Shift and Windtalkers. By providing a “human” look at the military, the war effort, and how such people and events were depicted on screen, Real War vs. Reel War makes a unique contribution to the conversation about Hollywood’s role in shaping history. This book will appeal to historians, cultural critics, and anyone interested in war cinema.
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Real War Horses

Real War Horses

History of the Great War Based on Official Documents, Military Operations in France and Belgium (London: Macmillan, 1923–1945), 7 vols. B. H. Liddell Hart, The Real War (London: Faber and Faber, 1930). C. Falls (ed.) ...

Author: Anthony Leslie Dawson

Publisher: Pen & Sword Military

ISBN: 9781473847101

Category: History

Page: 265

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Many histories have been written about the conflicts the British army was involved in between the Battle of Waterloo and the First World War. There are detailed studies of campaigns and battles and general accounts of the experiences of the soldiers. But this book by Anthony Dawson is the first to concentrate in depth, in graphic detail, on the experiences of the British cavalry during a century of warfare. That is why it is of such value. It is also compelling reading because it describes, using the words of the cavalrymen of the time, the organization, routines, training and social life of the cavalry as well as the fear and exhilaration of cavalry actions. Perhaps the most memorable passages record the drama and excitement of cavalry charges and the brutal, confused, often lethal experience of close-quarter combat in a mêlée of men and horses. Few books give such a direct inside view of what it was like to serve in the British cavalry during the nineteenth century.
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Real War Games Inc

Real War Games Inc

It seems Sandra, whom I replaced in this game, was known for her hand-to-hand combat, which I envied since I wasn't ... Although I had read about the Real War Inc. adaptations of the weaponry and gadgets to suit the specific ...

Author: Michelle Hamilton


ISBN: 9781312756878

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I was on a bus full of sociopaths. The trouble was I had volunteered to be here. Had I only known, I lamented for the hundredth time since I'd boarded this small bus emblazoned with the Real War Games Inc. logo at the Denver International Airport, I never would have gotten off my plane from New York, never would have registered online six months ago, never would have followed through with this harebrained idea in the first place. But I had, thinking that somehow I would be able to understand, to discover the answer to the question that had begun to consume me more than a year ago when my twin brother had died in Iraq: What need had driven Brian to join the army - a decision that had resulted in his death? So I was here in order to understand. And hopefully find some way of moving on with my life. Although I couldn't imagine how to that without Brian. But somehow instead I'd ended up not on a bus with the other participants in this game but with sociopaths. Where had I gone wrong?
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