The Modern Embroidery Workshop

The Modern Embroidery Workshop

BRINGINGEMBROIDERY INTO A CONTEMPORARY LIFESTYLE Often, people hear the word “embroidery” and immediately their ... While the modern embroidery movement leaves plenty of room for more mature stitchers, what you will find within the ...

Author: Lauren Holton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781781577646

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

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Master embroidery stitches with this collection of 20 eye-catching motifs, patterns and projects, ideal for novices through to experienced embroiderers. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany each colourful design, and you'll find customization tips and guidance to help you make every piece your own. Discover imaginative ideas for embellishing items to wear, display and gift, ranging from simple motifs for a cotton bag or T-shirt, through to intricate landscapes for beautiful wall art.
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The Modern Embroidery Workshop

The Modern Embroidery Workshop

Bursting with colour and character, this book and its projects boast a seriously eyecatching aesthetic.

Author: Lauren Holton

Publisher: Ilex Press

ISBN: 1781577072

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 208

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Get back to embroidery-stitch basics and sample a collection of over 50 edgy motifs, patterns and projects, ideal for novices through to experienced embroiderers. Bursting with colour and character, this book and its projects boast a seriously eyecatching aesthetic. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany each colorful design, and you'll find customization tips and guidance on creating your own palette to make the work truly your own. Discover imaginative ideas on every theme to wear, display and gift, ranging from simple collar additions, such as sprig motifs and abstract patterns, to intricate interior scenes and moody landscapes.
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When The Queen Transmigrates To Be A Modern Lady

When The Queen Transmigrates To Be A Modern Lady

echelons of Embroidery Workshop, Shi Ning previously gave her a huge negative impact on Embroidery Workshop, although Shi Yue is now the Vice-President of CFA, she is old after all, and Ji Family has her own businesses, ...

Author: Song Zi

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781637078174

Category: Fiction


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She was the empress of a nation who had immersed herself in the harem for thirty years, but had died in the cold palace without a sound. When she opened her eyes again, she had become a modern lady's wife. "I am the official wife. As long as I am still alive, even if she were to enter the sect, she would only be a concubine. How could she dare to climb on my head and be a demon? Does she want to die? " Huo Shaojie, die. Jundai looked at her sister-in-law with an innocent expression. "Have children? Since she's a concubine, then why would I torture myself to have a child when the concubines' children have to be raised by my first wife? " Little sister-in-law, pawn. Ju Dai looked at Huo Shaotan and asked him seriously, "My husband, how many concubines do you plan to take in? "I'll prepare it so that you can ..." Huo Shaotan: "?" Someone who had a wife, what was a concubine?
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The Modern Embroidery Movement

The Modern Embroidery Movement

... the transient nature of modern living, in which families frequently moved to new homes.62 Le Corbusier explained, ... when William Baumgarten, head of a New York decorating firm, established a tapestry workshop in New York City ...

Author: Cynthia Fowler

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350033320

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 280

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In the early twentieth century, Marguerite Zorach and Georgiana Brown Harbeson were at the forefront of the modern embroidery movement in the United States. In the first scholarly examination of their work and influence, Cynthia Fowler explores the arguments presented by these pioneering women and their collaborators for embroidery to be considered as art. Using key exhibitions and contemporary criticism, The Modern Embroidery Movement focuses extensively on the individual work of Zorach and Brown Harbeson, casting a new light on their careers. Documenting a previously marginalised movement, Fowler brings together the history of craft, art and women's rights and firmly establishes embroidery as a significant aspect of modern art.
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Jugendstil Women and the Making of Modern Design

Jugendstil Women and the Making of Modern Design

In his autobiography, Obrist noted that embroidery was best suited to translate 'his love of colour, ... Scheffler called him 'the first leader of the modern German decorative [movement] ... a facilitator, a workshop-founder, an author, ...

Author: Sabine Wieber

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350088535

Category: History

Page: 248

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Jugendstil, that is Germany's distinct engagement with the international Art Nouveau movement, is now firmly engrained in histories of modern art, architecture and design. Recent exhibitions and publications across the world explored Jugendstil's key protagonists and artistic centres to firmly anchor their activities within the trajectories of German modernism. Women, however, continue to be largely absent from these revisionist accounts. Jugendstil Women and the Making of Modern Design argues that women in fact actively participated in the cultural and socio-economic exchanges that generated German design responses to European modernity. By drawing on previously unpublished archival material and a series of original case studies including Elsa Bruckmann's Munich salon, the Photo Studio Elvira and the Debschitz School, the book explores women's important contributions to modern German culture as collectors, consumers, critics, designers, educators, and patrons. This book offers a new interpretation of this vibrant period by considering diverse manifestations of historical female agency that pushed against historically entrenched conventions and gender roles. The book's rigorous approach reshapes Jugendstil historiography by positing women's lived experiences against dominant ideologies that emerged at this precise moment. In short, the book advocates women as an integral part of the emergence, dissemination and reception of Jugendstil and questions the deeply gendered histories of this key period in modern art, architecture and design.
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Colourful Fun Embroidery

Colourful Fun Embroidery

Hooray! online shop which is the go-to place for colourful and fun modern embroidery and patterns. She now stitches and teaches embroidery workshops full time. Acknowledgements Writing my first book has been incredibly exciting, ...

Author: Clare Albans

Publisher: White Owl

ISBN: 9781526753885

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

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Take time out to be creative and de-stress with these colorful, fun embroidery projects from Hello! Hooray! Ranging from things you could complete in an afternoon to others that you can take your time over, enjoy every step of the making process as you focus on feeling good through being creative. The finished makes will bring color and joy to your home, workspace and wardrobe. The projects in this book allow you to craft your creative time by selecting makes according to timescale. Choose one of the ‘crafternoon makes’ if you want that sense of joy at finishing something, a ‘medium makes’ project for the days where you have a little more time for crafting, or for something to really take your time over you could stitch one of the longer ‘pick me up’ projects. Each project includes step-by-step instructions, beautiful photos and inspirational ideas for how to make each project your own. So take time to be creative with this colorful, feel-good craft book!
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Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan

Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan

Just as woodblock prints and books helped to bring center and periphery into a wider commercial ambit during the early modern era, so, too, today, the Nagakusa Embroidery Workshop has overcome the limitations of the domestic market by ...

Author: Christine Guth

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520379817

Category: Art

Page: 264

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"Crafts were central to daily life in early modern Japan. They were powerful carriers of knowledge, sociality, and identity, and how and from what materials they were made were matters of serious concern among all classes of society. In Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan, Christine M. E. Guth examines the network of forces--both material and immaterial--that supported Japan's rich, diverse, and aesthetically sophisticated artifactual culture between the late sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Exploring the institutions, modes of thought, and reciprocal relationships among people, materials, and tools, she draws particular attention to the role of women in crafts, embodied knowledge, and the special place of lacquer as a medium. By examining the ways and values of making that transcend specific media and practices, Guth illuminates the 'craft culture' of early modern Japan"--
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The History of Modern Fashion

The History of Modern Fashion

5, in its moderne bottle, represented a significant step in the development of designer fragrances, and the eventual ... The extensive decoration necessitated a separate embroidery workshop that was supervised by Pavlovich's sister, ...

Author: Daniel James Cole

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780677972

Category: Design

Page: 480

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This exciting book explores fashion not simply from an aesthetic point of view but also as a manifestation of social and cultural change. Focusing on fashion from 1850, noted fashion historians Daniel James Cole and Nancy Deihl consider the evolution of womenswear, menswear, and childrenswear, decade by decade. The book looks at the dissemination of style and the mechanisms of change, at the relationship between fashion and the visual, applied, and performing arts, the intertwined relationship between fashion and popular culture, the impact of new materials and technology, and the growing globalization of style. With photographs of costume from museums and images from the fashion press including editorial photography, illustrations, and advertising, the book will include insights into icons of fashion and the clothes worn by “real people”, providing a valuable visual reference for the reader.
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International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications CIPA 2021

International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications  CIPA 2021

All Yuzhang embroidery works are from the embroiderers trained by Yuzhang Embroidery Workshop. ... the use of a large number of cultural elements, embroidery is no longer monotonous and boring, and seeks many new modern expressions.

Author: Bernard J. Jansen

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811658549

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1001

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This book contains papers presented at the International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications (CIPA) held during August 21, 2021, online conference (since COVID 19), which is divided into a 2-volume book. The papers in the second volume represent the various technological advancements in network information processing, graphics and image processing, medical care, machine learning, smart cities. It caters to postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners specializing and working in the area of cognitive-inspired computing and information processing.
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Der Aufbruch in die Moderne

Der Aufbruch in die Moderne

Salmond, Wendy, “The Solomenko Embroidery Workshops,” in: “Russian/Soviet Theme Issue,” special issue, TheJournal ofDecorative and Propaganda Arts, vol. 5, Summer1987,126. Princess Maria Tenischeva was the patron of the Talashkino ...

Author: Irene Chytraeus-Auerbach

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643122735

Category: Art critics

Page: 175

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