Mosby s Dictionary of Medicine Nursing Health Professions eBook

Mosby s Dictionary of Medicine  Nursing   Health Professions   eBook


Author: Mosby

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323112598

Category: Medical

Page: 2048

View: 336

So much more than just a bestselling dictionary, Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 9th Edition is a one-stop reference to help you make sense of the complex world of health care. It features over 56,000 authoritative definitions, 45 appendixes, a color atlas of the human body, online resources, and more than 2,450 full-color illustrations — nearly three times more than any other dictionary available — making it an indispensable reference for students and professionals alike. UNIQUE! More than 2,450 color photographs and line drawings demonstrate and explain complex conditions and abstract concepts. A Color Atlas of Human Anatomy contains 43 pages of clearly labeled drawings for easy A&P review and reference. Over 56,000 comprehensive, authoritative, high-quality definitions — including expanded definitions for selected entries, particularly major diseases, disorders, and procedures — offer the latest information on pathophysiology, treatment and interventions, and nursing care. 23 appendixes — 13 in the dictionary and 10 on the companion Evolve website — offer quick access to useful reference information, such as lab values, symbols and abbreviations, language translation guides, pharmacology, infection control standards, conversion tables, and clinical calculations. A strict, common-sense alphabetical organization with no subentries makes it easy to find key terms and definitions. NEW! Over 300 new and updated illustrations visually clarify key definitions and reflect current health care practice and equipment. NEW! Approximately 11,000 new and revised definitions reflect the latest developments in health care, drugs, and nursing terminology. NEW! Editor Marie O’Toole, EdD, RN, FAAN lends her expertise to this new edition, reviewing and revising all definitions and assembling a team of leading consultants and contributors.
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The Hip and Pelvis EBook

The Hip and Pelvis   EBook

Activate the eBook version of this title at no additional charge. Elsevier eBooks for Practicing Clinicians gives you the power to browse and search content, view enhanced images, highlight and take notes—both online and offline.

Author: Steven D. Waldman

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323762984

Category: Medical

Page: 240

View: 452

Linking theory to practice through the use of authentic clinical cases, Dr. Steven D. Waldman’s Pain Medicine: A Case-Based Learning Series helps readers acquire the valuable skill of effective diagnostic thinking in daily practice. The Hip and Pelvis volume uses an in-depth case format, preparing you to correctly analyze clinical vignettes and formulate a clinically sound, evidence-based approach to realistic patient scenarios. This highly effective leaning and assessment tool provides practical clinical insights into the best methods for diagnosis and treatment for the successful management of patients with hip and pelvis-related pain. Presents real-world patients in a real-world clinical setting, making learning fun and engaging. The Case-Based Learning approach focuses learners and clinicians on the key elements for each diagnosis and helps develop a deep understanding of how to diagnose and treat each condition. Covers everyday clinical problems such as Osteoarthritis of the Hip, Fracture of the Hip and Pelvis, Meralgia Paresthetica, Trochanteric Bursitis, Snapping Hip Syndrome, Obturator Neuralgia, Adductor Tendinitis, Sacroiliac Joint Pain, Coccydynia, and more. Cases unfold just the way they do in your clinic. Each case is accompanied with thoughtful clinical commentary and key messages from the author. Each chapter uses high-quality radiographic images, clinical photos, and full-color drawings to facilitate a clear, easy-to-understand approach to evaluation and diagnosis. An ideal self-assessment and review tool for pain medicine practitioners and trainees, as well as those preparing for the American Board of Anesthesiology Pain Medicine certification and recertification exam.
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Manipulation of the Spine Thorax and Pelvis E Book

Manipulation of the Spine  Thorax and Pelvis E Book

with access to Peter Gibbons, Philip Tehan. 272272 273273 274274 Box 11.2 Coccydynia: History their effectiveness for coccydynia. Figure 11.2 Distraction provocation SIJ test. Figure 11.3 Right-sided thigh ...

Author: Peter Gibbons

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702065118

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 292

The new edition of this popular book continues to present the latest scientific evidence for the successful use of the high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust technique. Prepared in a readily accessible, amply illustrated format, this book is designed to equip practitioners with a detailed understanding of the underlying basis of the HVLA thrust technique and the best means to safely employ it in the effective management of a range of disorders of the spine and pelvic regions. The book is arranged in three sections to maximise understanding of what can be challenging areas to comprehend and effectively manage. Section One explores the biomechanics of movement and forces between adjacent vertebrae followed by a discussion of positioning and ‘locking’. These chapters are then followed by a discussion about safety with particular reference to the management of the cervical spine. A chapter on evidence – and what represents good medical evidence – concludes. Section Two presents – using an ample array of clear photographs and useful summary boxes – over 40 HVLA techniques ranging from the atlanto-occipital joint (C0-C1) to the coccyx. Section Three concludes with treatment failures (often, technique derived) and analysis. Prepared by authors of international renown - and now with an associated website containing over 45 minutes of useful film footage - this book will be ideal for all manual therapy practitioners dealing with the management of the spine and pelvic areas. Presents the scientific basis of the HVLA thrust – one of the oldest and most commonly used manipulative techniques available Provides an accessible synthesis of the latest evidence for the effective use of the HVLA thrust Clearly explains coupled motion and describes the latest scientific research in this area Presents over 250 photographs, and 60 minutes of film on an associated website Contains a detailed discussion regarding patient safety Presents a comprehensive discussion surrounding treatment failures Well illustrated and clearly written for easy understanding Advises readers with regards to safe patient selection – particularly important for the management of the cervical spine Suitable for both the novice and expert readerships
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Imaging Anatomy Chest Abdomen Pelvis E Book

Imaging Anatomy  Chest  Abdomen  Pelvis E Book

... Internal iliac nodes ○ Along internal iliac vessels ○ Drainage from inferior pelvic viscera, deep perineum, ... in body (2 cm) ○ Exits pelvis through greater sciatic foramen, below piriformis ○ Innervates capsule of hip joint, ...

Author: Michael P Federle

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323509442

Category: Medical

Page: 1300

View: 230

Designed to help you quickly learn or review normal anatomy and confirm variants, Imaging Anatomy: Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis provides detailed views of anatomic structures in successive imaging slices in each standard plane of imaging. Axial, coronal, sagittal, and 3D reconstructions accompany highly accurate and detailed medical drawings, assisting you in making an accurate diagnosis. Comprehensive coverage of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, combined with an orderly, easy-to-follow structure, make this unique title unmatched in its field. Includes all relevant imaging modalities, 3D reconstructions, and highly accurate and detailed medical drawings that illustrate the fine points of the imaging anatomy Depicts common anatomic variants and covers common pathological processes as a part of its comprehensive coverage Provides a detailed overview of airway and interstitial network anatomy—the basis for understanding and diagnosing interstitial lung disease Features representative pathologic examples to highlight the effect of disease on human anatomy Includes plain radiography, the latest generation of multi-planar advanced cross-sectional MR and CT, ultrasound for pelvis/renal/liver/gallbladder, barium for GI tract, and much more Offers state of the art, detailed pelvic floor imaging and perianal/perirectal fistula imaging using high-resolution CT and MR, including 3T MR
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Atlas of Human Anatomy Professional Edition E Book

Atlas of Human Anatomy  Professional Edition E Book

BONES AND BOUNDARIES OF THE PELVIS Bony Pelvis • Strong ring • Supports weight of body • Provides attachment for powerful muscles that move lower limb • Composed of four bones • Two hip bones, or innominate bones • Sacrum—five fused ...

Author: Frank H. Netter

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455758845

Category: Medical

Page: 66

View: 175

The gold standard of excellence for 25 years, Frank H. Netter, MD’s Atlas of Human Anatomy offers unsurpassed depictions of the human body in clear, brilliant detail – all from a clinician’s perspective. With its emphasis on anatomic relationships and clinically relevant views, Dr. Netter’s work provides a coherent, lasting visual vocabulary for understanding anatomy and how it applies to medicine today. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader. Compatible with Kindle®, nook®, and other popular devices. View anatomy from a clinical perspective with hundreds of exquisite, hand-painted illustrations created by pre-eminent medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD. Join the global community of medical and healthcare students and professionals who rely on Netter to optimize learning and clarify even the most difficult aspects of human anatomy. Comprehensive labeling uses the international anatomic standard terminology, Terminologia Anatomica, and every aspect of the Atlas is reviewed and overseen by clinical anatomy and anatomy education experts. Netter’s Anatomy Atlas is also available as an app for iPad®. Explore additional unique perspectives of difficult-to-visualize anatomy through all-new paintings by Dr. Carlos Machado, including breast lymph drainage; the pterygopalantine fossa; the middle ear; the path of the internal carotid artery; and the posterior knee, plus additional new plates on arteries of the limbs and new radiologic images. Master challenging structures with visual region-by-region coverage -- including Muscle Table appendices at the end of each Section.
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Length Strength and Kinesio Tape eBook

Length  Strength and Kinesio Tape   eBook

... 258, 265, 296, 303 of L2 lumbar vertebrae in anatomy of hip 274, 279, 285,290, 296, 303 in anatomy of knee 352, ... taping of 149 pelvic girdle 215 testing and taping of 273–343 see also hip pelvis, in Kinesio Taping of hip 287, ...

Author: Thuy Bridges

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780729584470

Category: Medical

Page: 464

View: 642

Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions is an essential manual for musculoskeletal therapists seeking to develop competency in the treatment of select clinical conditions using the concepts and principles of the Kinesio Taping® Method. Focusing on the identification and role of muscle structures, the manual presents length and strength tests covering 68 muscle groups and provides practitioners with a framework to use and reassess the application of Kinesio® Tape. Endorsed by Kinesio Taping Association International, Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions is designed as a companion to Kinesio Taping® courses globally (KT1 and KT2). Key Features: Overview of the Kinesio® method and how Kinesio Taping® works Highlights the anatomy of the muscle and structures prior to taping Step-by-step instructions to a range of Kinesio Taping® techniques, covering the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb, trunk, pelvic girdle and hip, knee and ankle Initial assessment using length and strength/function testing and application of appropriate Kinesio Taping® intervention Assessment sheets provided for each key anatomical area Includes eBook version on VitalSource Also available as a separate purchase: A suite of 68 videos covering 8 major body areas with step-by-step instructions and clear demonstrations of the assessment and taping strategies for each technique. An ideal supplement to the text Excellent clinician refresher tool Useful when explaining treatment to client To find out more about these videos, visit Overview of the Kinesio® method and how Kinesio Taping® works Highlights the anatomy of the muscle and structures prior to taping Step-by-step instructions to a range of Kinesio Taping® techniques, covering the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb, trunk, pelvic girdle and hip, knee and ankle Initial assessment using length and strength/function testing and application of appropriate Kinesio Taping® intervention Assessment sheets provided for each key anatomical area
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ExpertDDx Abdomen and Pelvis E Book

ExpertDDx  Abdomen and Pelvis E Book

Bone Tumor ○ Any benign or malignant primary bone tumor arising from pubic ramior hip can present as groin mass, with CT and MR best initial modalities for evaluation • Inguinal Abscess ○ Focal rim-enhancing fluid collection with ...

Author: Michael P. Federle

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323443128

Category: Medical

Page: 600

View: 232

Reach an accurate, clinically useful differential diagnosis with expert assistance from this unique resource. ExpertDDx: Abdomen and Pelvis presents the most useful differential diagnoses for each region of the abdomen and pelvis, grouped according to anatomic location, generic imaging findings, modality-specific findings, or clinical-based indications. Each differential diagnosis includes several high-quality, succinctly annotated images; a list of diagnostic possibilities sorted as common, less common, and rare but important; and brief, bulleted text offering helpful diagnostic clues. With coverage of 200 of the most common diagnostic challenges in abdominal and pelvic imaging, this reference is a must-have resource for every practicing radiologist and trainee. Brief, bulleted text offers helpful diagnostic clues in a useful distilled format Guides radiologists toward logical, on-target differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information Guides you toward logical, on-target differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information Features new contributors, hundreds of new images, and new chapters in the abdominal section, including more chapters on stent ultrasound and MR-based differential diagnoses Includes a completely new section on pelvic disorders that provides expert assistance in many challenging areas, such as distinguishing among the many causes of cystic and solid masses in the female pelvis Contains more chapters of ultrasound-based tables of differential diagnosis Covers hot topics such as cystic pancreatic mass, cystic pelvic mass, mesenteric infiltration ("misty mesentery"), and segmental or diffuse small bowel wall thickening
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Orthopedic Management of the Hip and Pelvis

Orthopedic Management of the Hip and Pelvis

Author: Scott Cheatham

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0323294421


Page: 432

View: 982

Provide effective treatment of hip and pelvic disorders! Orthopedic Management of the Hip and Pelvis offers evidence-based information on the care of non-surgical and surgical patients with common pathologies and injuries. Comprehensive guidelines cover a wide range of topics, from anatomy and assessment to strains, tears, and disorders that affect groups such as females, children, dancers, and patients with arthritis. Full-color illustrations and real-life case studies demonstrate how concepts can be applied in clinical practice. Written by physical therapy and orthopedics experts Scott Cheatham and Morey Kolber, this is the first book in the market to focus solely on disorders of the hip and pelvis region.

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy Classic Regional Approach Ebook

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy  Classic Regional Approach   Ebook

Plate 495 Hip Bone • This plate highlights the bony anatomy of the hip, or coxal, bone. The upper image is a lateral view of the right hip bone, and the lower image is a medial view. • On the upper image, first note that the anterior ...

Author: Frank H. Netter

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323793759

Category: Medical

Page: 712

View: 201

For students and clinical professionals who are learning anatomy, participating in a dissection lab, sharing anatomy knowledge with patients, or refreshing their anatomy knowledge, the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy illustrates the body, region by region, in clear, brilliant detail from a clinician’s perspective. Unique among anatomy atlases, it contains illustrations that emphasize anatomic relationships that are most important to the clinician in training and practice. Illustrated by clinicians, for clinicians, it contains more than 550 exquisite plates plus dozens of carefully selected radiologic images for common views. Presents world-renowned, superbly clear views of the human body from a clinical perspective, with paintings by Dr. Frank Netter as well as Dr. Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today’s foremost medical illustrators. Content guided by expert anatomists and educators: R. Shane Tubbs, Paul E. Neumann, Jennifer K. Brueckner-Collins, Martha Johnson Gdowski, Virginia T. Lyons, Peter J. Ward, Todd M. Hoagland, Brion Benninger, and an international Advisory Board. Offers region-by-region coverage, including muscle table appendices at the end of each section and quick reference notes on structures with high clinical significance in common clinical scenarios. Contains new illustrations by Dr. Machado including clinically important areas such as the pelvic cavity, temporal and infratemporal fossae, nasal turbinates, and more. Features new nerve tables devoted to the cranial nerves and the nerves of the cervical, brachial, and lumbosacral plexuses. Uses updated terminology based on the second edition of the international anatomic standard, Terminologia Anatomica, and includes common clinically used eponyms. Provides access to extensive digital content: every plate in the Atlas?and over 100 bonus plates including illustrations from previous editions?is enhanced with an interactive label quiz option and supplemented with "Plate Pearls" that provide quick key points and supplemental tools for learning, reviewing, and assessing your knowledge of the major themes of each plate. Tools include over 300 multiple choice questions, videos, 3D models, and links to related plates. Own your own personal copy of the world-famous Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy! This well-loved title, now in 8th edition, is available in multiple options. Choose the one best for you: • Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach—described above • Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: A Systems Approach—Same content as the classic regional approach, but organized by organ systems. • Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach with Latin terminology All options contain the same table information and same 550+ illustrated plates painted by clinician artists, Frank H. Netter, MD, and Carlos Machado, MD.
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Diagnostic Ultrasound Abdomen and Pelvis E Book

Diagnostic Ultrasound  Abdomen and Pelvis E Book

These assist in hip flexion, maintenance of posture, and lateral trunk flexion. Three longitudinal muscle columns along the vertebral canal form the erector spinae: Iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis. The latissimus dorsi arises ...

Author: Aya Kamaya

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323794039

Category: Medical

Page: 1100

View: 904

Develop a solid understanding of ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis with this practical, point-of-care reference in the popular Diagnostic Ultrasound series. Written by leading experts in the field, the second edition of Diagnostic Ultrasound: Abdomen and Pelvis offers detailed, clinically oriented coverage of ultrasound imaging of this complex area and includes illustrated and written correlation between ultrasound findings and other modalities. The most comprehensive reference in its field, this image-rich resource helps you achieve an accurate ultrasound diagnosis for every patient. Features nearly 15 new chapters that detail updated diagnoses, new terminology, new methodology, new criteria and guidelines, a new generation of scanners, and more Includes 2,500 high-quality images including grayscale, color, power, and spectral (pulsed) Doppler imaging in each chapter and, when applicable, contrast-enhanced ultrasound; plus new videos and animations online Discusses new polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) criteria, updated pancreatic cyst guidelines, new ovarian cysts recommendations, shear wave elastography for liver fibrosis, and more Correlates ultrasound findings with CT and MR for improved understanding of disease processes and how ultrasound complements other modalities for a given disease Covers cutting-edge ultrasound techniques, including microbubble contrast and contrast-enhanced US (CEUS) for liver imaging Contains time-saving reference features such as succinct and bulleted text, a variety of test data tables, key facts in each chapter, annotated images, and an extensive index
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