The Christian State of Life

The Christian State of Life

2. 3. 4. II. From Original State to Final State 1. Creation and Service 2. Grace and Mission 3. Man in Paradise 4. Heaven PART II THE CHRISTIAN STATES OF LIFE I. The First Division of the States of Life The Process of Division The ...

Author: Hans Urs von Balthasar

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781681494715

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This book, one of von Balthasar's masterworks, is a profound meditation on the Christian's choice of a state of life according to God's will. It discusses the lay, religious, and priestly states of life, and examines the ways in which we recognize and respond to the call of God. Written in a deeply Ignatian spirit, the book provides a comprehensive meditation on Saint Ignatius' "Call of Christ" and demonstrates that we must answer Christ's call if we want "to give greater proof of our love". The goal of this meditation is to understand why the act of choosing a state of life is possible and necessary-so that we can arrive at the perfection of Christian love in whatever state or way of life God may grant us to choose. It affirms that the act of choosing a Christian state of life is found in the Gospels and emanates from the personal meeting of the believer with Jesus Christ. Among the topics in this book are the following: The Great Commandment, Creation and Service, Grace and Mission, Image and Truth, The Nature of the Call, and The Historical Actuality of the Call. "A milestone in the Catholic theology of vocation. This book could change your life." - America
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States of Christian Life and Vocation According to the Doctors and Theologians of the Church

States of Christian Life and Vocation  According to the Doctors and Theologians of the Church

... who have right views of a perfect life and of the religious state, and even, if possible, some experience of it. ... Table of Contents 1. ↑ " The Choice of a State of Life," 2, 2. 2. ↑ Div. Th., opusc. 17. c. x. 3. ↑ Div.

Author: Jean-Baptiste Berthier

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547317845

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"The few years that make up what is called a man's life, are of the utmost importance. They determine his entire eternity. Our Father in Heaven takes a deep interest in them, and does not wish them to be a failure. On our part, then, we should not misuse these years, and much less should we trifle them away. A pagan emperor mourned the loss even of one day. St. Paul tells us that all our time is given to us to work good." The book, "States of Christian Life and Vocation" is a compilations of teachings, for Christian adherents, on how to live their lives in a manner worthy of Faith. Compiled by Jean Baptiste Berthier, it draws its learning from the Holy Scriptures, Catholic tradition, the works of the fathers, and in the theologians and masters of the spiritual life.
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The Best Books

The Best Books

ii. The Christian State of Life ( on Duties ) . I v.-vi. The Penitert Christian ( on the virtue and fix - x . Tlie Christian's Last End ( on the Four iii.-iv. The Baci Christian ( on the Seven Sacrament of penance ) .

Author: William Swan Sonnenschein


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The Christian Moral Life

The Christian Moral Life

... Happiness or Unhappiness Determined by Your State of Mind and Expectations, Positive Thinking, Happy Life, Better Life. 2. See ST I-II.5.8, where Thomas notes that all humans desire happiness in general; however, not all desire what ...

Author: John Rziha

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess

ISBN: 9780268101848

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To take a journey, travelers must know where they are, where they are going, and how to get there. Moral theology examines the same three truths. The Christian Moral Life is a handbook for moral theology that uses the theme of a journey to explain its key ethical concepts. First, humans begin with their creation in the image of God. Secondly, the goal of the journey is explained as a loving union with God, to achieve a share in his eternal happiness. Third and finally, the majority of the book examines how to attain this goal. Within the journey motif, the book covers the moral principles essential for attaining true happiness. Based on an examination of the moral methodology in the bible, the book discusses the importance of participating in divine nature through grace in order to attain eternal happiness. It further notes the role of law, virtue, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in guiding and transforming humans into friends of God, who participate in his happiness. Following this section on moral theology in general, the book analyzes the individual virtues to give more concrete guidance. The entire project builds upon the insights of great Christian thinkers, such as Thomas Aquinas, Thérèse of Lisieux, and John Paul II, to uncover the moral wisdom in scripture and to show people how to be truly happy both in this life and the next. This book will be of great interest to undergraduate students of moral theology, priests and seminarians, parents and teachers seeking to raise and to form happy children, and anyone interested in discovering the meaning of true happiness.
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Private Thoughts Upon Religion and a Christian Life Volume I II

Private Thoughts Upon Religion and a Christian Life   Volume I   II

As truth may be unknown, first, because of the state of the mind, and secondly, because of the nature of the subject; so the fitness by which the mind is made ... 16 Private Thoughts Upon Religion and a Christian Life - Volume I & II.

Author: William Beveridge


ISBN: 9781773562728


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Christian Ethics Special part pt 1 Individual ethics tr from the author s German ed by William Affleck pt 2 Social ethics tr from the author s German ed by Sophia Taylor

Christian Ethics  Special part  pt  1  Individual ethics  tr  from the author s German ed  by William Affleck  pt  2  Social ethics  tr  from the author s German ed  by Sophia Taylor

379 ; its origin , Institutions , legal , a preserving power , wi . 96 ; within the Christian State , iii . 355 . iii . 102 ; apostasy to , iii . 352 . Intercession , ii . 190 , 244 ; for the dead , Hellenistic theories of life , i .

Author: Hans Martensen


ISBN: UOM:39015070190320

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The Christian Life

The Christian Life

Not in any state is nature capable of living the supernatural life. 2) In the state of restored nature, a man healed by habitual grace is able to avoid all mortal sins. The healing effects of habitual grace apply directly and ...

Author: Francis L. B. Cunningham

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781608992867

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To Hunt To Shoot To Entertain

To Hunt  To Shoot  To Entertain

According to this view, vocation has three related but distinct senses: (1) the common Christian vocation arising from baptism; (2) vocation as “state in life” or, as one of my correspondents suggests, ...

Author: Russell Shaw

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781610972031

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Why hasn't the Catholic Church been more successful up to now in realizing the Second Vatican Council's call for the evangelization of secular culture? Why hasn't the Gospel been preached more forthrightly to the modern world? The most important reason, as well as the least recognized, may be clericalism: the attitude, widely shared by Catholic laypeople as well as many priests, that clerics make up the active, elite corps in the Church, and laypeople are the passive mass; that clerics alone have intrinsic responsibility for the Church's mission while the apostalate of laypeople comes to them (if they come at all) only by delegation on the part of the clergy.To Hunt, To Shoot, To Entertain probes the theological and historical roots of this clericalist mentality as it has affected the Catholic laity, along with contemporary expressions of clericalism--the over-involvement of some clerics in secular politics, the sometimes exaggerated emphasis given to "lay ministers," and certain aspects for the feminist movement in today's Catholicism. This is not another revisionist attack on the priesthood, not one more alienated voice from the pews. Instead the book offers a prescription for authentic ecclesial renewal based on new, healthier lay-clergy relations in light of the teaching of Vatican II, Pope John Paul II, and other voices of the Magisterium. It presents a positive vision of a Church in which laypeople and clergy regard one another with mutual respect as partners in her mission to the world, with indispensable, contemporary tasks arising from their own special vocations.
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The True Christian Life

The True Christian Life

I do not say that the life that we thus lead is equal to the intimate life of God. ... that it reaches God, and that in the divinized state that is the Christian state a proportion exists between what we thus do for ... See ST I-II, q.

Author: Ambroise Gardeil, OP

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 9780813234533

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Although not well-known in the English-speaking world, Fr. Ambroise Gardeil, OP (1859-1931) was a Dominican of significant influence in French Catholic thought at the turn of the 20th century. Conservative theologians like Frs. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP, Michel Labourdette, OP, Jean-Hervé Nicolas, OP and many others hailed him as a careful expositor of the supernaturality of faith, a defender of the theological nature of rational apologetics, and a spiritual master. The True Christian Life provides a thorough and stirring introduction to Fr. Gardeil's work in spiritual theology. The volume was originally published posthumously through the collaboration of Fr. Gardeil's nephew, Fr. Henri-Dominique Gardeil, OP and Jacques Maritain. Fr. Ambroise, prior to beginning work on his masterpiece on spiritual experience, La Structure de l'âme et l'expérience mystique, drafted nearly eight-hundred pages that would have set forth a full presentation of moral-ascetical theology. While drafting this massive work, his reflection on the soul's receptive capacity for grace led him to the two-volume study, La Structure, and he never was able to finish his original designs for a comprehensive study of the Christian moral-spiritual life. Soon after his death, his nephew gathered several essays from the Revue thomiste and Revue de Jeunes, along with a complete-but-unpublished study on prayer. Drafting a lengthy introduction on the basis of Fr. Ambroise's unpublished notes, Fr. Henri-Dominique assembled a volume of moral / spiritual theology that sets out the principles of many important themes: divinization through grace, Christian prudence /conscience, the virtue of religion, devotion, and prayer. In this volume, the reader will find a clear and rhetorically striking presentation of the central mysteries of the spiritual life, presented with stirring and beautiful rhetoric by a theological master from the Thomist tradition.
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Text book of Church History

Text book of Church History

128 2 36. Life , Manners , and Discipline .. 127 1. The Christian Life . 2. Ecclesiastical Discipline . 3. Asceticism . 4. ... 43 The Christian State and the State Church ........ 155 1. The Emperors . 2. General Synods . 3.

Author: Johann Heinrich Kurtz



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