iWork 09 The Missing Manual

iWork  09  The Missing Manual

Instead of using the standard rectangular masking shape, however, you apply a mask with a custom shape. Here's how: 1. Insert a picture into your document. 2. Select the picture, and select a shape from the Format ➝ “Mask with Shape” ...

Author: Josh Clark

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 0596555733

Category: Computers

Page: 890

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With iWork '09, Apple's productivity applications have come of age. Unfortunately, their user guides are stuck in infancy. That's where iWork '09: The Missing Manual comes in. This book quickly guides you through everything you need to know about the Pages word-processor, the Numbers spreadsheet, and the Keynote presentation program that Al Gore and Steve Jobs made famous. Friendly and entertaining, iWork '09: The Missing Manual gives you crystal-clear and jargon-free explanations of iWork's capabilities, its advantages over similar programs -- and its limitations. You'll see these programs through an objective lens that shows you which features work well and which don't. With this book, you will: Produce stunning documents and cinema-quality digital presentations Take advantage of Mac OS X's advanced typography and graphics capabilities Learn how to use the collection of themes and templates included with iWork Get undocumented tips, tricks, and secrets for each program Integrate with other iLife programs to use photos, audio, and video clips Learn why iWork is the topic most requested by Missing Manual fans. One of the few sources available on Apple's incredible suite of programs, iWork '09: The Missing Manual will help you get the best performance out of Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and more in no time.
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Image Databases and Multi Media Search

Image Databases and Multi Media Search

209 Two-Stage Polygon Representation for Efficient Shape Retrieval in Image Databases Lun Hsing Tung, Irwin King, Ping Fu Fung and Wing Sze Lee {lhtung, king, pffung, wslee}Qcse.cuhk.edu.hk Department of Computer Science and Engineering ...

Author: Arnold Smeulders

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814496674

Category: Computers

Page: 328

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The World Wide Web and the Internet are signs that things will be very different in the future. And what is so striking about this computer-age future is that it comes incredibly fast and is incredibly overwhelming. Anyone who has surfed the Web has exclaimed at one point or another that there is so much information available, so much to search and so much to keep up with. Where Lycos and AltaVista are already accepted tools for textual information, image and multimedia search engines are the natural answers in the quest for pictorial information. This book provides a state-of-the-art description of that field. It contains the proceedings of a valuable workshop in Amsterdam, where people gathered to discuss the progress in the field. The topics cover computational methods of searching for pictures, the powerful pictorial clues in the recognition of objects, storage and indexing of objects in a database, and, ways to access the requested pictorial information. Contents:Multi-media Search: An Authoring Perspective (S W Smoliar et al.)Painting Retrieval Based on Color Semantics (J M Corridoni et al.)Efficient and Robust Retrieval by Shape Content Through Curvature Scale Space (F Mokhtarian et al.)Handling Multiple Instances of Symbols in Pictorial Queries by Image Similarity (A Soffer & H Samet)A New Method for Key Frame Based Video Content Representation (A Hanjalic et al.)Towards Multimedia Thesaurus Support for Media-based Navigation (P H Lewis et al.)Distance to Deformable Prototypes: Encoding Shape Categories for Efficient Search (S Sclaroff)Context-Sensitive and Context-Free Retrieval in a Video Database System (Q Li & K M Lam)Shot Break Detection and Camera Motion Classification in Digital Video (M Haas et al.)IFS Based Indexing in Image Databases (M Nappi et al.)and other papers Readership: Computer scientists, engineers and web specialists. Keywords:Content-Based Image Retrieval;CBIR;Image Databases;Features;Multimedia;Search Engines;Conference;Visual Information Systems;Visual Similarity;Visual Browsing
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The Crayola Shapes Book

The Crayola Shapes Book

Circles, Stars, and Squares: Looking for Shapes. Minneapolis: Millbrook Press, 2013. Find all sorts of shapes in this book—from circles and ovals to diamonds, cubes, and rings. MacDonald, Suse. Shape by Shape. New York: Little Simon, ...

Author: Mari Schuh

Publisher: Lerner Publications

ISBN: 9781512455717


Page: 28

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Features colorful shapes in the world through photographs and activities to draw.

Harmony and Dissent

Harmony and Dissent

tical shape, which grows from the bottom right of the screen. Both shapes disappear. Shape 1 appears with its base angled toward the bottom left of the screen. It grows diagonally toward the top right corner of the screen.

Author: R. Bruce Elder

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554580286

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 480

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This book offers a new look at avant-garde art movementsof the 1910s and 1920s. In this work, R. Bruce Elderargues that the authors of many of the manifestoes thatannounced in such lively ways the appearance of yetanother artistic movement shared a common aspiration:they proposed to reformulate the visual, literary, andperforming arts ......
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Early Childhood Themes Shapes Kit

Early Childhood Themes  Shapes Kit

A Star in My Orange : Looking for Nature's Shapes . Minneapolis , MN : Millbrook Press , 2002 . Sarfatti , Esther . Shapes : Circles . Vero Beach , FL : Rourke Publishing , 2007 . Shapes : Rectangles .


Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1433323249


Page: 128

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Young children love to explore shapes! Spark their curious minds with beginning geometry concepts. These kits are designed specifically for early childhood students' unique needs, abilities, and interests. Each kit provides a complete curriculum around a theme, crossing all early childhood content areas, including math, phonemic awareness, music, and more. Original nonfiction and fiction readers, both wordless and with text, are provided in both standard sizes and one copy each at "lap book size." Corresponding concept vocabulary cards are provided in full color and the accompanying CDs provide music and interactive whiteboard activities. This kit includes: Books - 3 titles, 6 copies each, 16 pages per book (7" x 9") in print and digital forms; Lap Books - 3 titles, 1 copy each (9.5" x 12"); Teacher's Guide; Vocabulary Concept Cards; and digital resources including songs, recorded text, videos, interactive whiteboard activities, and reproducibles.

Solid Modelling with TopSolid Design and TopSolid Wood

Solid Modelling with TopSolid   Design and TopSolid   Wood

Solid Modelling Intersect : Allows you to create a shape which is made up of the intersection between several shapes using the function Shape - Other operations - Intersect . - Click on Shape - Other operations - Intersect Select a ...

Author: Jean-Yves Chavant

Publisher: Editions ENI

ISBN: 2746041138

Category: Computer graphics

Page: 272

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Solid Modelling with TopSolid Design and TopSolid Wood » written by Jean-Yves Chavant and Stéphane Surmely, has been written as a support to help learn TopSolid’Wood. The book is made up of detailed working examples with different levels of difficulty. It is a guide for TopSolid’Wood beginners which explains the many wood specific functions present in the software (tenon, mortise, molding) . The book also looks at the creation of components, Bills of Material, drafts, parametric setting of products, etc.
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ASME Technical Papers

ASME Technical Papers

Shape A Shape B Shape C Figure 7 Streamwise Distribution. ဝဝဝဝ ဝဝဝဝဝဝဝဝ 000 000 000 000 0000 0 o Shape A , Centerline Shape B , Centerline o Shape C , Centerline * Shape A , Mid - Span + Shape B , Mid - Span A Shape C ...



ISBN: PSU:000046135087

Category: Mechanical engineering

Page: 494

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Figure Drawing For Dummies

Figure Drawing For Dummies

a grasp of basic proportions and bone structure is crucial in drawing the human figure consistently, ... Without it, you have a hard time seeing whether the whole figure you just spent time piecing together, shape by shape, ...

Author: Kensuke Okabayashi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470465379

Category: Art

Page: 384

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Figure Drawing For Dummies appeals to both new art students and veteran artists who find it difficult to proportionally draw the human form. The illustrations and examples in Figure Drawing For Dummies are designed to help readers capture this elusive figure.
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The Algorithms and Principles of Non photorealistic Graphics

The Algorithms and Principles of Non photorealistic Graphics

shapes may be used as the vocabulary for the formation of other shapes. It is said that a shape is made up of elements in a given set of shapes, whenever it is the shape union of transformations of shapes within this set.

Author: Weidong Geng

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642048913

Category: Computers

Page: 360

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"The Algorithms and Principles of Non-photorealistic Graphics: Artistic Rendering and Cartoon Animation" provides a conceptual framework for and comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of research on non-photorealistic computer graphics including methodologies, algorithms and software tools dedicated to generating artistic and meaningful images and animations. This book mainly discusses how to create art from a blank canvas, how to convert the source images into pictures with the desired visual effects, how to generate artistic renditions from 3D models, how to synthesize expressive pictures from textual, graphical and pictorial data, and how to speed up the production of cartoon animation sequences with temporal coherence. It is intended for researchers and graduate students in the fields of computer graphics, digital media arts, and cartoon animation. Dr. Weidong Geng is a professor at the Department of Digital Media Technology and State Key Laboratory of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, Zhejiang University, China.
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Targeting Language Delays

Targeting Language Delays

80 | Part 2 : Classification and Categorization Review : Use Set A or Sets A and B of the colored cardstock shapes . Review how to sort them by color — e.g . , all yellows in a group regardless of shape ; by shape — e.g . , all circles ...

Author: Caroline Lee

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525568978

Category: Education

Page: 384

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Targeting Language Delays: Language and Reading IEP Goals provides sequential steps in programming to meet more than 100 IEP* goals in the areas of receptive and expressive language, listening and whole word reading for verbal and non-verbal school-age students who have communication difficulties in association with development challenges such as Down Syndrome, Autism, neurological delay and hearing impairment. This manual is for: Speech-Language Pathologists, parents, teachers, and support personnel. Speech-Language Pathologists using this manual will be able to: • develop an appropriate IEP for students • plan therapy sessions • provide instruction for support personnel • track students’ progress allowing for seamless carryover of programming from one school year to the next and over changes of support personnel. Parents, teachers and support personnel will easily be able to follow the steps in language and reading stimulation through structured activities, games and home carryover. Part 1 offers background and tips on teaching language skills. Part 2 contains goals, activities, games and carryover in key receptive and expressive language areas, as well as printable vocabulary lists and tracking forms. Targeted Goals: • Following directions • “Yes/no” and negative “no/not” • Vocabulary development (nouns and verbs) • Classification and categorization • Descriptors • Concepts • “Wh” questions • Listening skills (discrimination, memory and processing) • Word and sentence structure • Whole Word reading Each goal is broken down into multiple sequential steps ensuring that underlying skills are targeted before addressing more complex goals. *Individualized Education Program/Individual Education Plan
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