Love Passion and Patriotism

Love  Passion and Patriotism

love song of the Tagalog ” 40 the kundiman is typically written in three - four time whose rhythm and melody is ... on the conventions of courtly love in the medieval and Renaissance traditions , romantic love glorified passion .

Author: Raquel A. G. Reyes

Publisher: NUS Press

ISBN: 9971693569

Category: Philippine literature

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Love, Passion and Patriotism is an intimate account of the lives and experiences of a renowned group of young Filipino patriots, the men whose propaganda campaign was a catalyst for the country's revolt against Spain. As writers, artists, and scientists who resided in Europe, they were exposed to new ideas. Reyes uses their paintings, photographs, political writings, novels, and letters to show the moral contradictions inherent in their passionate patriotism and their struggle to come to terms with the relative sexual freedom of European women, which they found both alluring and sordid.
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Romantic Love

Romantic Love

As Seneca wrote : ' To love one's wife with an ardent passion is to commit adultery ' ( quoted in Grimal 1986 : 252 ) . In fact , in most of the complex societies for which we have records of romantic passion , conjugal love between ...

Author: Yolanda van Ede

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825800431

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

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Romantic Love and Personal Beauty

Romantic Love and Personal Beauty

So she sets herself the task of fascinating and pleasing him ; and this desire to please ( Gallantry ) being one of the constituent parts of Love , it is apt to be soon joined by the other symptoms which make up the romantic passion .

Author: Henry T. Finck


ISBN: UCAL:$B21864

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Discovery Series Human Sexuality

Discovery Series  Human Sexuality

>io4 Explain how The Physiology of Love Schachter and Singer's experiment using epineph- Ifyou ask people how they know ... P I Romantic love Passion and intimacy lead to romantic love, which is often the first phase ofa relationship.

Author: Janell L. Carroll

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133709213

Category: Education

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The Cengage Learning DISCOVERY SERIES: HUMAN SEXUALITY is designed to deliver traditional course content in an innovative hybrid learning format instruction presented in a printed handbook paired with integrated online applications and assessments. The program promotes measurable mastery of core course learning objectives by guiding students' active engagement with content delivered through the book, images, video, simulations, and assessments. This contemporary approach to learning seamlessly integrates text and technology, enabling students to easily move from the book's instruction to its online applications for a deeper, lasting understanding of the core psychological concepts, and for assessments (all assignable) that reliably track students' progress and performance. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Passion for Work

Passion for Work

On the role of harmonious and obsessive romantic passion in conflict behavior. Motivation and Emotion, 37, 743–757. doi:10.1007/s11031-013-9354-5 Carbonneau, N., Vallerand, R. J., Fernet, C., & Guay, ...

Author: Robert J. Vallerand

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190648633

Category: Psychology

Page: 368

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Passion is a pervasive concept in the work domain. Workers aspire to be passionate in the hope of finding meaning and satisfaction from their professional life, while employers dream of passionate employees who will ensure organizational performance. Does passion for work matter ? Does passion invariably bring about the anticipated positive outcomes or is there a darker side to passion for work that can also lead to negative outcomes for individuals and organizations? The goal of this book is to address these issues. This volume reviews major theories of work passion, focusing specifically on the dominant theory: the Dualistic Model of Passion. This theory distinguishes between two types of passion-harmonious and obsessive- and their associated determinants and consequences. This volume provides a comprehensive understanding of passion for work by addressing the origin of the concept and its theoretical issues: how can passion for work be developed, what are the consequences to be expected at the individual and organizational levels, and how can passion for work shed new light on contemporary issues in the workplace. Passion for Work: Theory, Research, and Applications synthesizes a vast body of existing research in the area, provides insights into new and exciting research avenues, and explores how passion for work can be cultivated in work settings in order to fulfill both workers' and employers' hopes for a productive and satisfying work life.
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Flirtation and Courtship in Nineteenth Century British Culture

Flirtation and Courtship in Nineteenth Century British Culture

Love, su a passion is not to be called – the heart may vibrate for a moment, but the effect is soon over – for caprice is not love, and in nearly every case of love at first sight, caprice is the governing passion.

Author: Ghislaine McDayter

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000550115

Category: History

Page: 646

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This is volume two of a three-volume set that brings together a rich collection of primary source materials on flirtation and courtship in the nineteenth-century. Introductory essays and extensive editorial apparatus offer historical and cultural contexts of the materials included Throughout the long nineteenth-century, a woman’s life was commonly thought to fall into three discrete developmental stages; personal formation and a gendered education; a young woman’s entrance onto the marriage market; and finally her emergence at the apogee of normative femininity as wife and mother. In all three stages of development, there was an unspoken awareness of the duplicity at the heart of this carefully cultivated femininity. What women were taught, no matter their age, was that if you desired anything in life, it behooved you to perform indifference. This meant that for women, the art of flirtation and feigning indifference were viewed as essential survival skills that could guarantee success in life. These three volumes document the many ways in which nineteenth-century women were educated in this seemingly universal wisdom, but just as frequently managed to manipulate, subvert, and navigate their way through such proscribed norms to achieve their own desires. Presenting a wide range of documents from novels, memoirs, literary journals, newspapers, plays, poetry, songs, parlour games, and legal documents, this collection will illuminate a far more diverse set of options available to women in their quest for happiness, and a new understanding of the operations of courtship and flirtation, the "central" concerns of a nineteenth-century woman’s life. The volumes will be of interest to scholars of history, literature, gender and cultural studies, with an interest in the nineteenth-century.
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Romance Writing

Romance Writing

What complicates the issue, of course, are texts like Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice, where the fantasy of romantic/'passion'-love contends with the safer choices. The problematic status of Persuasion vis-à-vis ...

Author: Lynne Pearce

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 9780745630052

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 214

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Exploring the nature of both the romance genre and the discourse of romantic love from the 17th century to the present day, this book shows how, in the history of literature, lovers have utilised its spark to change not only themselves but also their worlds, through acts of creativity and heroism.
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“The meaning of life is to be found in passion— romantic passion, religious passion, passion for work and for play, passionate commitments in the face of what reason knows to be meaningless. SPIRITUALITY FOR THE SKEPTIC: THE THOUGHTFUL ...

Author: Kevin Perry

Publisher: Callisto Media Inc

ISBN: 9781623156381

Category: Education

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Philosophy is to question everything. More than a lifestyle, larger than any single idea, broader than a conviction, philosophy is the love of exploration, of knowledge, of uncertainty, and of that cornerstone of free thinking: doubt. Kevin Perry’s “Philosophy” takes the reader on a grand tour of life’s biggest questions, examining all that the world’s greatest philosophers have said about life and death, love and loss, language, art and God, to name a few. Philosophy is a great companion and a roadmap to navigate life’s major milestones, including: How to make sense of deathWhat loving someone or something meansThe effect of art on our livesWhat role language plays in understanding the worldHow do our ideas affect our actions
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The Family

The Family

In fact, romantic love leads to rather dramatic changes in one's character. New studies suggest that an area of the brain known as the caudate is associated with romantic passion. Neuroscientists have produced brain scan images of this ...

Author: Jack O. Balswick

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9780801032493

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 398

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The authors of A Model for Marriage share Christian insights into universal issues that shape modern family life from marriage and parenting to sexuality and communication, providing in the latest edition updates on contemporary classroom practices and online resources. Original.
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Rethinking Chinese Popular Culture

Rethinking Chinese Popular Culture

His heroic, or yingxiong passion parallels thepassion ofhis romantic,or ernüattachments. A youngman's patriotic love and his pure love for a young woman are more thanjust similar. They are, in fact, two forms ofwhat is fundamentally the ...

Author: Carlos Rojas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134032235

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 292

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Through analyses of a wide range of Chinese literary and visual texts from the beginning of the twentieth century through the contemporary period, the thirteen essays in this volume challenge the view that canonical and popular culture are self-evident and diametrically opposed categories, and instead argue that the two cultural sensibilities are inextricably bound up with one another. An international line up of contributors present detailed analyses of literary works and other cultural products that have previously been neglected by scholars, while also examining more familiar authors and works from provocative new angles.The essays include investigations into the cultural industries and contexts that produce the canonical and popular, the position of contemporary popular works at the interstices of nostalgia and amnesia, and also the ways in which cultural texts are inflected with gendered and erotic sensibilities while at the same time also functioning as objects of desire in its own right. As the only volume of its kind to cover the entire span of the 20th century, and also to consider the interplay of popular and canonical literature in modern China with comparable rigor, Rethinking Chinese Popular Culture is an important resource for students and scholars of Chinese literature and culture.
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