Summary of Emmanuel Carrere s Lives Other Than My Own

Summary of Emmanuel Carrere s Lives Other Than My Own

... not take out any new loans. #11 The people who come to debt counseling are typically those who have tried to solve their financial problems on their own. They make me laugh because they say a repayment schedule is too easy when life ...

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 Had a great relationship, but couldn’t handle the thought of being single forever. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t want to grow old alone, so I got back with my ex. #2 I had a relationship with a woman that ended when I couldn’t handle the thought of being single forever. I then got back with my ex and went on a vacation with my sons. We had visited the forest temple, fed the little monkeys, and seen the reclining Buddhas. #3 I had a relationship with a woman that ended when I couldn’t handle the thought of being single forever. I then got back with my ex and went on a vacation with my sons. We had visited the forest temple, fed the little monkeys, and seen the reclining Buddhas. #4 I had a relationship that ended when I couldn’t handle the thought of being single forever. I then got back with my ex and went on a vacation with my sons. We had visited the forest temple, fed the little monkeys, and seen the reclining Buddhas.
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No Way Back Home

No Way Back Home

in lives other than my own. Since I had lived so much of my own life separated from my parents, I began to wonder who they really were. My father had a large presence in every room he entered; it struck me that I had never actually ...

Author: Miki Hruska

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525560293

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In 1938, when faced with a decision to work at a shoe company in India or stay in Czechoslovakia and wait for another war, Miki Hruska’s newly married parents opted to move, thinking they would return home in a few years. But they would not be able to return “home” for another four decades; instead, home became Calcutta, where they raised their family and established a business during a parade of turbulent social and political events. The ill-planned departure of the British from India and their bungled attempts at Partition engendered riots and killings that brought bloodshed to the family’s front door. And when the Communists took over the government of West Bengal, they brought labour disruptions that made it next to impossible to operate the family business. This riveting family memoir is set during the cataclysmic events of WWII and its aftermath, giving a harrowing yet heartwarming portrait of life for a migrant Czech family and showing how perseverance and love can sustain people through the darkest of times.
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Biting the Moon

Biting the Moon

Ifrequently visualize you, not just you in the moment, but you through all the histories that exist in my memories. My memories of childhood, of adolescence, of your stories of life/lives prior to my own, of lives other than my own.

Author: Joanne S. Frye

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815651727

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A second-year doctoral student from a Midwestern family, Frye is twenty-three when she marries a German professor ten years her senior. Previously sheltered, Frye seeks new vistas but instead finds herself confined by the demands of her life: wife to a volatile and domineering husband, mother of two young daughters, and aspiring academic. With her dissertation completed, she finally realizes that the only way to wrest her identity and freedom from her husband’s grip is by leaving him; she boards a bus with her two young children to embark on a new life. In Biting the Moon, Frye powerfully recounts her struggle for independence and a successful career while remaining devoted to her daughters. Despite the many promises of the women’s movement—liberation from domestic work and the ability to influence social policy—she wrestles with the complex, often ambivalent, relationship between feminism and motherhood. Interwoven with literary references from Charlotte Brontë to Virginia Woolf to Tillie Olsen, Biting the Moon invites the reader along on Frye’s quest for self-expression and a life beyond the shadows of others. This deeply felt, courageous portrait of a woman’s life will be intimately familiar to an older generation of mothers and an inspiration to a younger generation.
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A Full Life in a Small Place

A Full Life in a Small Place

I've kept other kinds of diaries over the years, but none of them pleases me the way my garden journal does, which, telling of lives other than my own, hints at wider concerns. In its pages the goldfish cluster under a lily pad, then, ...

Author: Janice Emily Bowers

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816513574

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Taking a spiritual approach to gardening, the author communicates the subtle mysteries of life in the average back yard garden patch through a series of meditations on nature and wildlife
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Contemporary Political Philosophy

Contemporary Political Philosophy

fundamental right, people should not have to suffer unfavourable treatment because of the use they make of that fundamental right. But that, in turn, simply takes us back to the ... What I believe then affects lives other than my own.

Author: Robert E. Goodin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405130646

Category: Philosophy

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This authoritative collection of the seminal texts in post-war political philosophy has now been updated and expanded. Reprints key articles, mainly unabridged, touching upon the nature of the state, democracy, justice, rights, liberty, equality and oppression. Includes work from politics, law and economics, as well as from continental and analytic philosophy. Now includes thirteen additional texts, taking account of recent developments in the field and reflecting the most pressing concerns in international affairs. Can be used alongside A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy (Blackwell Publishing, 1993; second edition in preparation) as the basis for a systematic introduction to the subject.
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The Private Life

The Private Life

When politicians, lawyers and journalists argue about privacy their focus is typically on those facts of external life you might prefer ... because they hinted at the miraculous possibility of experiencing inner lives other than my own.

Author: Josh Cohen

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 9781847087621

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The war over private life spreads inexorably. Some seek to expose, invade and steal it, others to protect, conceal and withhold it. Either way, the assumption is that privacy is a possession to be won or lost. But what if what we call private life is the one element in us that we can't possess? Could it be that we're so intent on taking hold of the privacy of others, or keeping hold of our own only because we're powerless to do either? In this groundbreaking book, Josh Cohen uses his experience as a psychoanalyst, literature professor and human being to explore the concept of 'private life' as the presence in us of someone else, an uncanny stranger both unrecognisable and eerily familiar, who can be neither owned nor controlled. Drawing on a dizzying array of characters and concerns, from John Milton and Henry James to Katie Price and Snoopy, from philosophy and the Bible to pornography and late-night TV, The Private Life weaves a richly personal tapestry of ideas and experience. In a culture that floods our lives with light, it asks: how is it that we remain so helplessly in the dark?
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When the Unthinkable Happens

When the Unthinkable Happens

always sticks with me, especially when in doubt, that my children's lives in Heaven are very different to our ... I am now in a position where I do indeed affect many lives other than my own, and I believe God wants me to fulfil that.

Author: Lajla Abrams


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A true story of Life and Death and Survival. In December of 1997, my two youngest children were killed deliberately by their own father in South Africa. They died along with their father from carbon monoxide poisoning. I was left, along with my 14 year old surviving daughter. This is a deeply personal story but one which I felt compelled to share. It focuses on this tragic incident, how it affected my life and how I dealt with the overwhelming grief and guilt I had to endure. It was with a deep faith in God that my daughter and I were able live on and begin a new life for ourselves in the United States. Anyone who has known someone or had to cope with surviving your children should read this.
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Posthuman Life

Posthuman Life

Special thanks must go to Iain Hamilton Grant for rousing me from my post-analytic stupor over a garrulous dinner back in the ... inchoate drafts, for challenging me to explain, and for encouraging me to think lives other than my own.

Author: David Roden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317592327

Category: Philosophy

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We imagine posthumans as humans made superhumanly intelligent or resilient by future advances in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science. Many argue that these enhanced people might live better lives; others fear that tinkering with our nature will undermine our sense of our own humanity. Whoever is right, it is assumed that our technological successor will be an upgraded or degraded version of us: Human 2.0. Posthuman Life argues that the enhancement debate projects a human face onto an empty screen. We do not know what will happen and, not being posthuman, cannot anticipate how posthumans will assess the world. If a posthuman future will not necessarily be informed by our kind of subjectivity or morality the limits of our current knowledge must inform any ethical or political assessment of that future. Posthuman Life develops a critical metaphysics of posthuman succession and argues that only a truly speculative posthumanism can support an ethics that meets the challenge of the transformative potential of technology.
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Space Time and Other

Space  Time  and Other

Now another and second step of unbuilding the real, objective world must be taken. ... lives of others along with the positing of a quasi-objective world intendable to in and by mental lives other than my own in primary passivity.



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This book by the late Fred Kersten—known to many as the translator of Edmund Husserl’s Ideas I—takes up the challenge of Husserl’s phenomenology as the “will to return to the matters themselves,” providing extensive methodological reflections before proceeding to a series of painstaking phenomenological analyses based on a number of evocative examples such as the indeterminate mass of the hillside that looms up before me as I walk toward it in the dark.

The Ghostwriters

The Ghostwriters

“judges at all levels acknowledged that the role of lower court judges is to be a rebel, but not too often. ... A civil judge had stumbled upon a memoir by Emmanuel Carrère entitled Lives Other Than My Own.129 In it, Carrère chronicles ...

Author: Tommaso Pavone

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316513910

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The Ghostwriters unmasks how lawyers catalyse policy change across borders by encouraging deliberate law-breaking and mobilizing courts against their own governments.
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