Kim Jong Un s Little Book of Kalm

Kim Jong Un s Little Book of Kalm

Author: Kimberly Johnson


ISBN: 1780724063

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Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Or find yourself so stressed you could blow a nuclear fuse?
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Kim Jong Un and the Bomb

Kim Jong Un and the Bomb

Kevin Liptak, Sunlen Serfaty, and Ted Barrett, “Senators: Little Learned during Rare All-Hands North Korea Briefing,” ... 2018, ...

Author: Ankit Panda

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781787384477

Category: History


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In 2017, North Korea shocked the world: test-flying a missile capable of reaching the US, exploding the most powerful nuclear device tested anywhere in a quarter-century, and declaring its nuclear deterrent complete. Today, Kim Jong Un's growing nuclear stockpile represents a grave threat to international security. But this programme means more to him than world glory. State propaganda calls it the 'treasured sword': Kim is determined to keep ruling, and he sees his nukes as the key to regime survival. Kim Jong Un and the Bomb explores the history of North Korea's nuclear weapons development, its present power, and the prospects of containing Kim's arsenal. This book confronts us with a nuclear-armed North Korea that is not going anywhere, and reveals what this means for the US, South Korea and the world.
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Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong un Friends

Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong un   Friends

Svetlana continues to rack her brains for meme ideas to calm a troubled world, while you keep reading life-affirming news items aloud to her. All the while RT is showing more of the insane crowds spreading across Germany.

Author: Rob Sears

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781786898654

Category: Humor

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There are many ways civilisation could end, even with wise, benevolent leaders like Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin watching over us. Now, in this fun interactive story of global doom, YOU decide how humanity perishes. Will we be turned to grey goo by Elon Musk's nanobots? Driven collectively insane by Russia's most potent memes? Or smashed to atoms by someone sitting on the wrong button in North Korea? In this book, YOU will meet the leaders with the future of civilisation in their hands. And YOUR wits and judgement will decide how we all inevitably die. Or then again, maybe, just maybe, with a little positive thinking, YOU will find a way to keep us all safe long enough to expire of old age and global warming instead. Just don't get too hopeful. On every page of Choose Your Own Apocalypse with Kim Jong-un & Friends, the end of your choice is most definitely nigh.
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The Organization

The Organization

On the knife's edge for laundering the money needed for Kim Jong-un's purchase, Kang called Sanadi to understand the ... Although he knew Sanadi was right, this assurance did little to calm the inherently paranoid Kang because the ...

Author: Alan Refkin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781663223142

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

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A military drone attacks a small boat off Bali and leaves a disgraced former police detective turned private investigator adrift in the Indian Ocean; an Indonesian attorney is tortured and killed delivering his client’s documents; the head of North Korea’s money-laundering clearinghouse is murdered when his car is forced off a mountain road; a Chinese army lieutenant colonel appears to die of a heart attack while on a flight to Beijing; and a server is taken from what is believed to be an impregnable office on the 101st floor of a building. These are the events that Gunter Wayan and his assistant Eka Endah must piece together if they are to stay alive and solve the mystery handed to them by a client who was on the receiving end of a sniper’s bullet moments after they were hired. Now, whoever killed their client is after them. But Wayan and Eka have no intention of going down without a fight and decide to take the battle to their pursuer. Bodies soon pile up in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, and North Korea. As the forces that are after them close in, Wayan encounters an unlikely person who can provide the information necessary to bring down The Organization, the international money-laundering enterprise which they discover is after them. The only problem with convincing this person to help is that she just tried to kill them.
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North Korea s Supreme Leaders

North Korea s Supreme Leaders

Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un The New York Times Editorial Staff ... the Singapore summit meeting, then reversed himself after Mr. Kim authorized a calm statement offering Mr. Trump “time and opportunity” to change his mind.

Author: The New York Times Editorial Staff

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781642821697

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 226

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The 2018 summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un brought renewed international attention to North Korea and its leading dynasty. Ruled by three successive generations of the Kim family, North Korea is one of the most authoritarian states in the world. This collection of articles covers the history of their dynasty, including Kim Il-sung's assumption of power in the wake of World War II, the intense cult of personality surrounding him that followed, and the twice-over handoff of power from father to son, first to Kim Jong-il and later to Kim Jong-un. This in-depth coverage presents a tale of human rights abuses, famine, and nuclearization at the hands of three eccentric, unpredictable, and fiercely nationalistic dictators.
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Smell the Gunpowder

Smell the Gunpowder

Instead, he waited for leader Kim Jong-un to show he was committed to abandoning his nuclear arsenal. Obama made little progress with relations with N Korea, and the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) continued.

Author: William R. Graser

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9780578264721

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 499

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Smell the Gunpowder: The Land of the Morning Calm is inspired by true events and veterans’ firsthand accounts of Americans who served in Korea. Because of these veterans, the Republic of Korea remains a free sovereign nation and one of the strongest and wealthiest countries in Asia. Today, North Korea continues to have a nuclear arsenal and is one of the most militarized countries in the world—creating a critical security challenge. Concerns about North Korea and its intentions remain at the highest level since the end of the 1950s and 1960s Korean Conflicts. South Korea has urged the United States and North Korea to formally reach a peace agreement ending the decades-long conflict. The outcome of a peace agreement is uncertain, and Smell the Gunpowder makes no pretense of providing the complete account of the undeclared, unconventional struggles that have gripped Korea since 1945, although it may serve to refocus attention on a most intriguing chapter in the annals of American and Korean history.
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Sino Indian and Sino South Korean Relations

Sino Indian and Sino South Korean Relations

... Kim Jong-un's uncle, Jang Song-Thaek, during his recent six day visit to China in August 2012. However, despite its economic clout China seems to have very little political influence as is evident from the fact that North Korea went ...

Author: P. R. Chari

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317324690

Category: Political Science

Page: 276

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This book addresses the compulsions that underlie the China’s relations with India and South Korea— both increasingly mutually dependent on China for markets, trade, investments, technology, tourism, etc. It inquires into two sets of regional relationships, with China being the common linking factor. While examining the generational change in the leadership of China, India and South Korea, this study will be a significant addition to the evolving sphere of comparative regional relations.
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The Last Exiles

The Last Exiles

Jong-un, however, chose to exit from his side of the car and stretched his arms, casting his eyes up at the pale, ... Kim Jong-il stood next to Sergeant Yu with his legs spread apart and surveyed the prison with moonfaced calm and ...

Author: Ann Shin

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488073946

Category: Fiction


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WINNER OF THE TRILLIUM AWARD An unforgettable saga inspired by true events, The Last Exiles is a searing portrait of a young couple in North Korea and their fight for love and freedom Jin and Suja meet and fall in love while studying at university in Pyongyang. She is a young journalist from a prominent family, while he is from a small village of little means. Outside the school, North Korea has fallen under great political upheaval, plunged into chaos and famine. When Jin returns home to find his family starving, their food rations all but gone, he makes a rash decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, miles away, Suja has begun to feel the tenuousness of her privilege when she learns that Jin has disappeared. Risking everything, and defying her family, Suja sets out to find him, embarking on a dangerous journey that leads her into a dark criminal underbelly and tests their love and will to survive. In this vivid and moving story, award-winning filmmaker Ann Shin offers a rare glimpse at life inside the guarded walls of North Korea and the harrowing experiences of those who are daring enough to attempt escape. Inspired by real stories of incredible bravery, The Last Exiles is a stunning debut about love, sacrifice and the price of liberty.
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The War That Never Ended

The War That Never Ended

A Short History of the Korean War Gordon Kerr. (1912-94), grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong-un, the Chinese leader, Mao Zedong (1893-1976), the Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai (1898-1976) and the General Secretary of the ...

Author: Gordon Kerr

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780857303899

Category: History

Page: 192

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The Korean War of 1950-1953 ended in a frustrating stalemate, the echoes of which reverberate to this day. It was the only conflict of the Cold War in which forces of major nations of the two opposing systems - capitalism and communism - confronted each other on the battlefield. And yet, in the sixty years since it was fought it has been strangely neglected, perhaps because no one was able to claim the victor's spoils. A Short History of the Korean War details the origins, battles, politics and personalities of the war that never ended. Praise for Gordon Kerr 'Informative, fascinating and extremely well-researched...Gordon Kerr's book is a mini masterpiece' - Rob Minshull, ABC Brisbane on A Short History of the Vietnam War 'Factual and even-handed, Kerr presents a fair-minded introduction of basic Chinese history' - Booklist on A Short History of China
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An Autobiographical Novel [in Korean]. ... Park Yong Soo. 2014. “Policies and Ideologies of the Kim Jong-un Regime in North Korea: Teoretical Implications.” Asian Studies Review 38 ... Korea's Twentieth-Century Odyssey: A Short History.

Author: Ross King

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824873318

Category: History

Page: 345

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Seoul is a colossus both in its physical presence and the demand it places on any intellectual effort to understand it. How did it come to be? How can a city this immense work? Underlying its spectacle and incongruities is a city that might be described as ill at ease with its own past. The bitter rifts of Japanese colonization persist, as does the troubled aftermath of the Korean War and its divisions; the economic “Miracle on the Han” that followed is crosscut by memories of the violent dictatorship that drove it. In Seoul, author Ross King interrogates this contested history and its physical remnants, tacking between the city’s historiography and architecture, with attention to monuments, streets, and other urban spaces. The book’s structuring device is the dichotomy of erasure and memory as necessary preconditions for reinvention. King traces this phenomenon from the old dynasties to the Japanese regime and wartime destruction; he then follows the equally destructive reinvention of Korea under dictatorship to the brilliant city of the present with its extraordinary explosion of creativity and ideas—the post-1991 Hallyu, the Korean Wave. The final chapter returns to questions of forgetting and memory, but now as “conditions of possibility” for what would seem to underlie the present trajectory of this extraordinary city and culture. Seoul can be read, King suggests, in the context of the hybrid ideas that have characterized Korean cultural history. It may be their present eruption that accounts for the city of contradictions that confronts the contemporary observer and that most extraordinary of Korean phenomena: the rise of an alternative, virtual world, eclipsing both city and nation. Has the very idea of Korea been reinvented even as the weakly defined nation-state slips away?
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