Icons of Women s Sport 2 volumes

Icons of Women s Sport  2 volumes

Recent Titles in Greenwood Icons Icons of Unbelief: Atheists, Agnostics, and Secularists S.T. Joshi, Editor Women Icons of ... The Black Literary World Yolanda Williams Page, Editor ICONS OF WOMEN'S SPORT Volume Two Steven J. Overman and.

Author: Kelly Boyer Sagert

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313385490

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 623

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This collection of fascinating biographies of outstanding women athletes past and present including superstars such as Nadia Comaneci, Mia Hamm, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Danica Patrick, and Serena and Venus Williams. • Photographs of accomplished female athletes • A chronology helps readers put entries in context • A bibliography provides suggestions for further reading
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Icons of Beauty Art Culture and the Image of Women 2 volumes

Icons of Beauty  Art  Culture  and the Image of Women  2 volumes

The in-depth profile of each icon is two-fold in its purpose: to provide a full consideration of the work of art in terms of ... of the female body in ''Motion,'' and the discussion ranges from dance and sports to female superheroes.

Author: Lindsay J. Bosch

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 9780313081569

Category: Social Science

Page: 780

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What gives beauty such fascinating power? Why is beauty so easy to recognize but so hard to define? Across cultures and continents and over the centuries the standards of beauty have changed but the desire to portray beauty, to praise beauty, and to possess beauty has never diminished. Icons of Beauty offers an enthralling overview of the most revered icons of female beauty in world art from pre-history to the present. From images of Eve to Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, from Cleopatra to Madonna, from ancient goddesses to modern celebrities, this interdisciplinary set offers fresh insight as to how we can use perceptions of beauty to learn about world cultures, both past and present. Each chapter looks at an individual work of art to pose a question about the power of beauty. What makes beauty modern? What is the influence of celebrities? How do women portray their own beauty in a different manner than men? In-depth profiles of the icons reveal how specific ideas about beauty were developed and expressed, offering a full analysis of their history, cultural significance, and lasting influence. In addition to renowned works of art, Icons of Beauty also looks at icons in literature, film, politics, and contemporary entertainment. Interdisciplinary and multicultural in its approach, chapters inside this set also feature sidebars on provocative topics and issues, such as foot binding and body adornment; myths and practices; opinions and interpretations; and even related films, songs, and even comic book characters. Generously illustrated, this rich set encompasses history, politics, society, women's studies, and art history, making it an indispensable resource for high school and college students as well as general readers.
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Icons of the American Comic Book From Captain America to Wonder Woman 2 volumes

Icons of the American Comic Book  From Captain America to Wonder Woman  2 volumes

From Captain America to Wonder Woman Randy Duncan, Matthew J. Smith ... World Yolanda Williams Page, Editor Icons of the Middle Ages: Rulers, Writers, Rebels, and Saints Lister M. Matheson, Editor Icons of Women's Sport Steven ].

Author: Randy Duncan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313399244

Category: Social Science

Page: 920

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This book explores how the heroes and villains of popular comic books—and the creators of these icons of our culture—reflect the American experience out of which they sprang, and how they have achieved relevance by adapting to, and perhaps influencing, the evolving American character. • Includes contributions from 70 expert contributors and leading scholars in the field, with some of the entries written with the aid of popular comic book creators themselves • Provides sidebars within each entry that extend readers' understanding of the subject • Offers "Essential Works" and "Further Reading" recommendations • Includes a comprehensive bibliography
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American Sports A History of Icons Idols and Ideas 4 volumes

American Sports  A History of Icons  Idols  and Ideas  4 volumes

Women's boxing has always faced opposition. In 1979 the first professional female boxing licenses were issued in New York only after the New York state Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled that the ban on female boxing was unconstitutional.

Author: Murry R. Nelson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313397530

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 1573

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America loves sports. This book examines and details the proof of this fascination seen throughout American society—in our literature, film, and music; our clothing and food; and the iconography of the nation.
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Women in Sports Breaking Barriers Facing Obstacles 2 volumes

Women in Sports  Breaking Barriers  Facing Obstacles  2 volumes

Tennis, golf, and yachting, considered less strenuous and acceptable sports, were opened to women as quasi-Olympic sports at the ... Belgium.44 The media portrayed these U.S. Olympic medalists as political icons and sexual commodities.

Author: Adrienne N. Milner

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440851254

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 529

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Covering a breadth of topics surrounding the current state of women in sports, this two-volume collection taps current events, sociological and feminist theory, and recent research to contextualize women's experiences in sports within a patriarchal society and highlight areas for improvement. • Includes contributions from a wide variety of athletes and scholars from around the world and comprises content edited by two editors of different sexes and races • Challenges conventional wisdom surrounding women's place and treatment in sport as female athletes continue to break sex barriers and shatter previous expectations regarding their ability to compete against men • Relates topics of sexism, gender expectations, and discrimination to key issues within the larger social structure
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Battleground Sports 2 volumes

Battleground  Sports  2 volumes

FUTURE PROSPECTS There has probably never been a period in the history of women's sports in North America where the objectification of women has been so pronounced. In an ironic but predictable twist of fate, as women's sports have ...

Author: Michael Atkinson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313087875

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 600

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Mega-events like the Olympics, the World Cup of soccer, the World Series of baseball, cycling's Tour de France, and the Super Bowl draw our attention to the deep cultural significance of sport and its role in fostering social bonds. Yet when it comes to sport, there is no shortage of debate: stereotypes regarding sexuality, race, gender, and children have been hotly contested by critics for over 40 years. Even today, sport is one of the very few socially accepted sites of violence, intense competition and controlled forms of social disorder. Battleground: Sports presents the 100 most contentious public and private controversies of the sports world. Highlighted throughout are debates surrounding ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and social identity, sports fan behavior, as well as the role of governments and corporations. Engaging and accessible to a wide variety of readers, this fascinating reference illustrates how sports controversies reflect the historically enduring and changing nature of our broader cultures, and the social battles we engage on a day-to-day basis surrounding the struggles for equality, debates about social violence, the ethics of competition, the politics of civic life, the creation of global communities, and the State's role in protecting citizens. Entries contain an array of thoughtful perspectives on historic and current controversies, and allow readers to formulate their own conclusions. Enhanced with a timeline, a thorough guide of print and electronic resources for high school and undergraduate student research, this one-stop reference goes beyond the newspaper headlines to provide readers with a guide map for understanding what sport controversies teach us about our culture and ourselves.
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Icon The Life Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume 2 1956 TO 1962 Beyond

Icon  The Life  Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume 2 1956 TO 1962   Beyond

In 1962, women's issues only simmered beneath the veneer of the traditional, domesticated female role paved by the Eisenhower ... Playboy magazine romanticized a swinging bachelor lifestyle characterized by cool cocktails, sports cars, ...

Author: Gary Vitacco-Robles

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 892

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Goddess... Legend... Icon... You thought you knew her... but never like this. Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) survived a childhood marked by abuse, neglect, and chaos to become a psychological, cultural, and spiritual phenomenon of the Twentieth Century. Her remarkable life, brilliant film career, and posthumous legend have been deconstructed in over 600 biographies. Psychotherapist & author Gary Vitacco-Robles reframes and redefines the fascinating woman behind the iconic image through an analysis of her psyche and an appreciation of her film and stage performances in Volume 2 of this definitive biography. After a decade of meticulous research, Vitacco-Robles offers a treasure trove of facts comprehensively documenting each year of Monroe's inspiring life within the context of her tumultuous times, and through her relationships with literary, entertainment, and political figures. Monroe is resurrected a half-century after her tragic death in this detailed and sensitive biography that intelligently explores her passionate desires: to be loved, become a serious actress, and have a family. Volume 2 examines the last six years of Marilyn’s life and her impact on our culture in the five decades following her early tragic death. Its pages provide a deeper understanding of this remarkable woman and the lasting impression she left behind. Based upon interviews, diaries, and personal files—void of sensationalism—Icon: The Life, Times, & Films of Marilyn Monroe Vol. 2 dispels many myths and reveals the ultimate truth about Hollywood's most charismatic, beloved, and enduring star.
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Sports on Film

Sports on Film

Volume 2: 1940 to Present. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Overman, Steven J., and Kelly Boyer Sagert. 2012. Icons of Women's Sport: From Tomboys to Title IX and Beyond: Volume One. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood. Paige, Leroy (Satchel) as ...

Author: Johnny D. Boggs

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440875564

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 220

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Sports on Film documents key events in American sports history through the films that depict them, starting with the integration of major-league baseball when Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Other significant events and personalities examined include the college basketball point-shaving incident of the 1950s; journalist George Plimpton's attempt to go through the Detroit Lions' NFL training camp in the early 1960s; the originations and popularity of rodeo; the brief run of women's professional baseball during World War II; the underdog racehorse Seabiscuit during the Great Depression; the rise of African American boxer Muhammad Ali; the unique 1970s "Battle of the Sexes" tennis event between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King; and Ford Motor Company's run in the 1960s to take motorsports to Europe's premier event in Le Mans, France.
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Violence Desire and the Sacred Volume 2

Violence  Desire  and the Sacred  Volume 2

An American Icon, 76–7. ... The Cynical Optimist Blog; “Cheerleading the Most Dangerous Female Sport?,” blog entry by Atilla Kowalski, June 27, 2009, atillakowalski.blogspot.com.au/2009/06/ cheerleading-most-dangerous-female.html ...

Author: Scott Cowdell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781623562557

Category: Philosophy

Page: 304

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This collection of state of the art interpretations of the thought of René Girard follows on from the volume Violence, Desire, and the Sacred: Girard's Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines (2012). The previous collection has been acclaimed for demonstrating and showcasing Girard's mimetic theory at its inter-disciplinary best by bringing together scholars who apply Girard's insights in different fields. This new volume builds on and extends the work of that earlier collection by moving into new areas such as psychology, politics, classical literature, national literature, and practical applications of Girard's theory in pastoral/spiritual care, peace-making and religious thought and practice.
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Feminist Collections

Feminist Collections

ATHLETES Steven J. Overman & Kelly Boyer Sagert , ICONS OF WOMEN'S SPORT . ... This new , two - volume addition to the series offers thirty - six biographical essays of “ women who graced their areas of competition with remarkable feats ...



ISBN: UCR:31210024059501

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