Home is Where You Hang Yourself or How To Be a Woman

Home is Where You Hang Yourself  or  How To Be a Woman

You mean you're going to let a little old potbellied stove defeat you?” You bet. It happened to me— It could happen to you. And it would go something like this: You are driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly, ...

Author: Cynthia Hobart Lindsay

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781787208896

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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First published in 1962, this is a wonderful collection of humorous articles on feminine topics written by actress and stuntwoman-turned-writer Cynthia Hobart Lindsay. “The art of being a woman successfully can be learned neither from life nor from a charm school. It is a quality mysteriously endowed at birth—a magic quality. If it is inherent in you, you are blessed indeed. If it isn’t, you just have to keep trying—harder, and harder—and harder. “Plan your life, organize your time, and if you can’t learn from your own experiences, try to learn from those of others—mine, for instance. There may be a little something useful you can pick up in this “How to” in Womanship; if so, I’m grateful that I’ve contributed to easing your situation while complicating my own. “But as you go on your womanly way, remember, and keep always in mind, the one imperative fact: You Can’t Win.” (Cynthia Hobart Lindsay)
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Homemaking for the Apocalypse

Homemaking for the Apocalypse

In 1962, Cynthia Lindsay published her aptly titled memoir Home is Where You Hang Yourself; Or, How to be a Woman, and Who Needs It?. The book positions itself as a cynical how-to manual on the “art of being a woman,” but it quickly ...

Author: Jill E. Anderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351396691

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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In Homemaking for the Apocalypse, Jill E. Anderson interrogates patterns of Atomic Age conformity that controlled the domestic practices and private activities of Americans. Used as a way to promote security in a period rife with anxieties about nuclear annihilation and The Bomb, these narratives of domesticity were governed by ideals of compulsory normativity, and their circulation upheld the wholesale idealization of homemaking within a white, middle-class nuclear family and all that came along with it: unchecked reproduction, constant consumerism, and a general policing of practices deemed contradictory to normative American life. Homemaking for the apocalypse seeks out the disruptions to the domestic ideals found in memoirs, Civil Defense literature, the fallout shelter debate, horror films, comics, and science fiction, engaging in elements of horror in order to expose how closely domestic practices are tied to dread and anxiety. Homemaking for the Apocalypse offers a narrative of the Atomic Age that calls into question popular memory’s acceptance of the conformity thesis and proposes new methods for critiquing the domestic imperative of the period by acknowledging its deep tie to horror.
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Trippin with Terry Southern

Trippin   with Terry Southern

When commenting on married life, Terry would say, “Home is where you hang yourself,” a play on words from the song, ... It seems kind of cold-hearted but as Terry would say, “La femme son faible,” which means, “Women are weak.

Author: Gail Gerber

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786487271

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 276

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This award-winning memoir about “the hippest guy on the planet” recollects novelist/screenwriter Terry Southern’s highs and lows, his association with the Beat Generation, and his movie cult classics Dr. Strangelove and Easy Rider. In 1964, Terry Southern met actress Gail Gerber on the set of The Loved One. He was enjoying his success from co-writing the risqué novel Candy, a satire of Candide, and the movie Dr. Strangelove; she had just co-starred with Elvis Presley in Girl Happy. Though they were both married, there was an instant connection and they remained a couple until his death 30 years later. In her memoir, Gail recalls what life was like with “the hippest guy on the planet.” It documents their life together and contains numerous photographs of Terry and Gail with friends both famous and notorious. The wickedly gifted satirist, who had a stint writing for Saturday Night Live, kept company with the likes of Lenny Bruce, Dennis Hopper, Ringo Starr, William Burroughs, George Segal, Harry Nilsson, George Plimpton, David Amram and Rip Torn. It also reveals what went on behind the scenes of Gail’s movies (including The Girls on the Beach and Village of the Giants), and Terry’s movies (including The Cincinnati Kid, Casino Royale, Barbarella, The Magic Christian, End of the Road, and Easy Rider).
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From the Memoirs of a Non Enemy Combatant

From the Memoirs of a Non Enemy Combatant

And Manila was no place for a serious designer of women's wear. One had to go to New York or London. After graduation, I couldn't imagine staying put. What is it that they say? Home is where you hang yourself. From the arrival terminal ...

Author: Alex Gilvarry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101554319

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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The critically acclaimed debut from Alex Gilvarry, a darkly comic love letter to New York, told through the eyes of Boy Hernandez: Filipino immigrant, glamour junkie, Guantánamo detainee. Alex Gilvarry's widely acclaimed first novel is the story of designer Boy Hernandez: Filipino immigrant, New York glamour junkie, Guantánamo detainee. Locked away indefinitely and accused of being linked to a terrorist plot, Boy prepares for the tribunal of his life with this intimate confession, a dazzling swirl of soirees, runways, and hipster romance that charts one small man's undying love for New York City and his pursuit of the big American dream—even as the present nightmare of detainment chisels away at his vital wit and chutzpah. A New York Times Editor's Choice, From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant unveils two of America's most illusory realms—high fashion and Homeland Security—in a funny, wise, and beguiling, and Kafkaesque tale for our strange times.
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George Sessions Perry

George Sessions Perry

One such piece, a failed manuscript entitled “Home Is Where You Hang Yourself,” resembled similar writings that ... though much of the material carried over into a later article for Woman's Home Companion.31 Infrequent jousting and ...

Author: Garna L. Christian

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469100784

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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George Sessions Perry: The Man and His Words is the first biography of the Texas novelist, short story writer, and war correspondent in a generation and the first to use his personal letters and files to allow his words to tell the story. The story is an intriguing one, of a talented but troubled man from Rockdale, Texas who won the National Book Award for Hold Autumn in Your Hand and became one of the most widely read writers in the nation before his untimely demise by drowning in 1956. The biography commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of Perrys birth.
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Ramblin Bob

Ramblin  Bob

Allen, who was still renting the garage apartment, said, “That woman, she sat afternoons in the backyard with a glass in ... I never rented the house to them or anyone else again. ... Someone once said, “Home is where you hang yourself.

Author: Dayton Lummis

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475905831

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The stage and film actor Peter Holden (Parkhurst) has called Dayton Lummis a cosmic town crier. Indeed, that he is, and more. This latest volume, Ramblin Bob, will reveal that. Read it! The California social critic Tom Englezos said of Lummiss previous collection of acerbic thoughts and often politically incorrect observations: I thoroughlyand absolutelyenjoyed NOTES. I was informed, andoftenoutraged! Great stuff. Damn! I hope you have more coming. A lot more! Ramblin Bob is more. And still more
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Woman s Work for Woman and Our Mission Field

Woman s Work for Woman and Our Mission Field

If your son dies you will blame in one corner , all draped with soot and yourself and will plead with his spirit not ... body be woman , you will plead to be born like her hastily carried outside the wall and thrown in a Western home ...



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