Grandma Can I Get a Dog

Grandma  Can I Get a Dog

Grandma! Can I Get a Dog? is about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson.

Author: Barry Jordan Jr

Publisher: Mascot Books

ISBN: 1620861410

Category: Contests


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Grandma! Can I Get a Dog? is about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson. It starts out with Grandma and her grandson Boy going to the store. There, Boy asks Grandma to buy him a dog, but Grandma is not happy with this idea at all. Will Boy ever get a dog of his own?
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Grandma do you need to go anywhere. I am going to the market. Please go with me. that's a good idea baby. I can use a can of pet milk for my pies. Let me get some shoes. I am wearing my prosthetic leg whenever I have to go somewhere, ...

Author: Wanda Wright

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450056373

Category: Drama

Page: 198

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While Nickki sits in prison facing a life sentence, her family struggles to survive in the city of Detroit. Grandma Ruth is doing everything she can to raise the fatherless children and keep her faith and the promise to raise her grandchildren while their mother is away... Only the Grace of God can save them. Othello mastermind of the street game has all but got the heart of the daughter that Nickki and Grandma Ruth prayed day and night for her life to be different. Penny has more than her share of pain as her friends, one by one, are being brutally murdered. Kwame can only strive to be strong for his family and not get caught up in the streets of Detroit with his childhood friends.
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Jack of Tabbyshire

Jack of Tabbyshire

DOG. GOES. “DIGGING. FOR. MOLES”. “Grandma, Grandma! Look at the letter that came for us today! Do you see who it is from? ... I can not get excited about a couple of dogs digging for moles.” While Grandma spoke, Grandpa was opening the ...

Author: Harold Cheney Jr

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595818006

Category: Fiction

Page: 157

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"Of all the Shires in this fair land, not a single one is at the one time both as beautiful and as unknown as the District of Tabbyshire. It is probable that the obscurity of this Shire results from a strange fact. Namely, almost all of the populace are cats-cats and kittens. A few humans live there, but for the most part they are of a rather low class and are found in the more remote and border regions of the Shire " Here is a tale of one of the cats of Tabbyshire, Jack of Tabbyshire. Welcome to Tabbyshire-and to the other wondrous lands in which dwell the many small friends of Grandpa Cheney. Adventures, great and small, befall Grandpa and his friends. Come and rediscover the child that lies buried deep inside you; let Grandpa awaken it in you.
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Grandma s Memories

Grandma s Memories

I miss him more than I ever though I could. For a hound dog He was really good. If I get another, I'll buy me a chain For his neck, This worryin' has left me a wreck. My ole' man says He'll buy me another dog.

Author: Jean Elizabeth Ward


ISBN: 9781435732377


Page: 152

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GRANDMA'S MEMORIES I 1888 book by Mary D. BrinePresented by Jean Elizabeth Ward with poems by Edgar A. Guest, Ruby Johnson, Janie Beyer, Langston Hughes, Gertrude Stein, The 3 Bronte Sisters, Delmira Agustini, Emily Dickinson, Anne Bradstreet, Amy Lowell, Elizabeth Browning, Robert Browing, Xo Xuan Huong, Shel Silverstein, Mary Howitt, Edgar A. Poe, Wm. Blake, Jane Austen, and many more. An Homage to Helen Bannerman with the stores of Little Wilma White and Little White Jimbo. A tapestry of poems woven within charming illustrations, with vintage and also the new, including a Grandparent's Rap Poem.

Grandma s Baseball Card

Grandma s Baseball Card

It wasn't until the sixth inning that Jane asked if she could go to the concession stand and buy some food. “Dad, I am really, really hungry. Can I go and get a chili dog, chocolate malt, and pop?” Jane asked her dad as she held her ...

Author: D. Rae Gayken

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595897513

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 58

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Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is also home to some of the worlds most devoted baseball fans. Marshall Braynard and his sister, Jane, are two of those devoted fans. They love watching baseball games from the best seats in the stadium, the bleachers. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Marshall catches the game winning homerun baseball. This catch sets in motion a series of events, which leads Marshall and Jane on a search for a missing Ernie Banks baseball card. Join this high-energy brother and sister team as they tear things apart, humiliate each other, and in the end, work together to acquire a common goal.
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Six Little Bunkers at Grandma Bell s

Six Little Bunkers at Grandma Bell s

"We can take them," said Russ, "and maybe we can find two more somewhere. We'll ask daddy or grandma." "Say, it'll be lots of fun if we can make a dog-cart!" cried Laddie. "Could we really ride in it, do you s'pose?" "Why, yes!

Author: Laura Lee Hope

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 9781776673391

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 193

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The six Bunker children love nothing better than playing, exploring and cavorting, so they're very excited when they find out that they're going to visit their Grandma Bell's expansive country estate. However, their travel plans are held up by one disaster after another -- including a file of important paperwork that turns up missing. Will the family be able to get their vacation back on track?
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Big Girls Get Stepped on Too

Big Girls Get Stepped on Too

(but even if I did get a word in, I wouldn't really have known what to say. ... “Ssso... like, do you have a grandma? ... And then, some big bad dog had to come out of the woods somewhere (the squirrel brought along it's friend), ...

Author: Ria Mann Rosa

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496985354

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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“Hi, there.” “Hi, there. She is so getting knocked out- would you... please?” “ We’ll pay you!” Harheeehaaahhaaah-ah they make me laugh! “Excuse me a second... GET ON WITH IT!” Harheeeehaaaahhaah- ah sorry about that, I couldn’t help it. “Take twenty two..” Hey, I’m Sarah’s best-est best-est - BEST-EST friend!Otherwise known as “SARAH, WHO?” but that doesn’t imply to you , because by the time you ask, you’d already know. So listen! Just sum up her popularity by taking one away from sixteen (do the math’s her way, and you get six). Any-hoo, to all you haters you wanna mess with my friend, you gotta go through this bad girl first- ALRIGHT! Psss... Sarah, they got the message, you can come out now... btw, am I allowed to say, sometimes you annoy me? Can I? Can I, please...? Oh, don’t care what you say, I’m telling ‘em! SOMETIMES??!! I meant all the time! She’s still disk broken over a certain Dvd player- hmm, wonder what that’s all about, eh? She just wont shut up about it. It’s yap- yap- yap- non- stop, she may as well be called the player! Sarah, you really are... I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT! Like when you’re watching a movie and some... idiot won’t stop talking. Oh, you know I love you really ;p Harheeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaahhaaah-ah- “Yeah, the feelings mutual!” see? We’re just as annoying as each other- and that’s why we love each other so much! “Can I interrupt? Can you please hurry up, and get on with it!” ALRIGHT, KEEP YOUR BUTT ON! Sheesh!... harheeeehaaahhaaah- “Omg, there she goes again, you know what? Let me!” NO! Alright, I’ll stop! What else was it? Oh, yeah... how could I forget? YOUR GRANDMA!- Harrrr- alright, alright, let me get on with it! Sheesh... anyway, does grandmas motto really work , or is it all just a pile of... Laddoo? Let me know yeah! Oh, and a word of advice- ROLLING PIN THE!...?? You’re holding the wrong picture up! (I forgot to mention, she’s stupid too). Grandma, this is to you- BIN THE ROLLING PIN! Be good to your granddaughter... SHE TOLD ME TO SAY IT! Wanna take it a step further? Just try walking in “Sarah, Who?” ‘s five inch, and a half heels! I wrote this novel upon leaving high school. I am a writer and love to write. I love books and was happy to write one.I’m 22 and live with my mum who is an inspiration to me too.
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... realizing that there was a puppy on her grandmother's lap, she shrieked with joy “I want to pat the puppy too, is that your puppy? where'd you get him, Mommy, I want a puppy too, why can't I have one? is that one for me, Grandma?

Author: Jack Dann

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434436061

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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This is one of a series of anthologies of science fiction and mystery stories by Borgo Press writers that are being distributed at cost as both ebooks and paperback volumes. The first volume in the sequence, Yondering, includes a baker's dozen of original and reprint tales by fourteen writers. In "The Quills of Henry Thomas," W. C. and Aja Bamberger give us a glimpse of a future in which music is composed through DNA computing. "The Gizzard Wizard" is Rory Barnes's delightful sequel to his young adult SF novel, Space Junk. John Gregory Betancourt's engaging "The Darkfishers" envisions a shanghaied Earth colony stranded on the back of a huge crustacean on an ocean planet. Sydney J. Bounds, in "Guinea Pigs," portrays a future dominated by cutthroat corporations. "Outside Looking In," by Mark E. Burgess, takes the "world in a bottle" theme--and turns it upside down. Victor Cilinca's "Siegfried" demonstrates the folly of taking those "primitive" aliens too lightly. Michael R. Collings's "The Calling of Iam'Kendron" is a stirring prequel to his epic science-fantasy novel, Wordsmith. In Arthur Jean Cox's "Evergreen," we find that long life is not always what it's cracked up to be. Award-winning author Jack Dann depicts, in "Mohammed’s Angel," an all-too-plausible future in which cultures, sensibilities, and terrorist acts are inextricably mixed. "Ultra Evolution," by John Russell Fearn, is a cautionary tale about the advancement of man—not always a good thing! Sheila Finch's "Miles to Go" is the moving story of a wheelchair marathoner faced with a crucial decision. Mel Gilden relates mankind's first encounter with aliens in "The Little Finger of the Left Hand." Last, and certainly not least, Ardath Mayhar's poignant "The Next Generation" shows the human race forced to make a crucial decision about its survival.
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Teen Girls Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny

Teen Girls  Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny

Grandma reminded me that I would get my own room and that we could finally have a dog because Rodney loves dogs. Rodney has three dogs. Although I'm happy that he rescued them, three dogs is too many dogs for one single man to have.

Author: Alisha Gaddis

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781495049651

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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Categories: Performing Arts

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

She's my grandma's dog. She requires a special diet. We can't leave her behind. She'll die." A teenager with a thick black braid down the back of her head spoke up, then gestured at a Labrador retriever near her feet. "Then she'll have ...

Author: Kristen Ethridge

Publisher: Laurel Lock Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Read a Complete Christian Romance Series from a USA Today Bestselling Small Town Romance Author Gloria Garcia Rodriguez has always cherished her independent streak--an approaching hurricane and she has one very pregnant patient are proving to be more than she can handle. Evacuations ahead of the storm mean that the only person in Port Provident Gloria can turn to is Chief Rigo Vasquez--the man she holds responsible for the death of her husband. Gloria's desperate phone call opens the door for Rigo to make things right with his first love, but will his labor of love to keep Gloria and her patient safe be enough to rebuild their future once the storm passes? Start reading Labor of Love to find hope, heart, and happily-ever-after today! USA Today bestselling romance author Kristen Ethridge brings readers home to Port Provident, Texas for the Home to Love Romance series—sweet escape romances full of hope, heart and happily-ever-after. These clean romance novels with a light, uplifting thread of faith and love will sweep you up in the story and leave you with a smile. Labor of Love is the third novel in the Home to Love Romance series, although all the books in the Port Provident world and this complete book series can be read as a standalone. This is a sweet romance book with Christian romance themes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Enjoy the complete Home to Love Romance series! Language of Love Legacy of Love Labor of Love KEYWORDS: complete romance series, happily ever after, love books, love stories, romantic novels, small town romance, beach romance, enemies to lovers, guaranteed HEA, new beginnings, no cliffhangers, bargain romance books, best beach reads, bargain romance novels, christian romance novels, sweet romance novels, series books, Christian romance ebooks free, beach romance series, small town romance friends to lovers, new romance book releases, best selling authors new releases
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