the community ambassador for the Denver Nuggets. “Here we were ending his career.” There were others who succumbed to the cocaine scourge, who violated the league's three-strikes drug policy and were sent away by Stern. Roy Tarpley.

Author: Harvey Araton

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781641251938

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Howard Beck. Marc Stein. Jonathan Abrams. Chris Broussard. Ira Berkow. George Vecsey. Mike Wise. Selena Roberts. Lee Jenkins. All have graced the pages of The New York Times, entertaining readers with their probing coverage of the N.B.A.: a stage on which spectacular athletes perform against a backdrop of continuous social change. Now, their work and more is collected in a new volume, edited and annotated by Hall of Fame honoree Harvey Araton, tracing basketball's sustained boom from Magic and Bird to the present.Elevated provides a courtside seat to four decades of professional basketball. Both the iconic moments and those quieter, but no less meaningful times in between are here, from Wise riding around Los Angeles with a young Kobe Bryant on the eve of his first All-Star Game, to Stein declaring Giannis Antetokounmpo's "unspeakable greatness" to the world in a riveting profile. Rather than simply preserving the past, Elevated reexamines and further illuminates hoops history. This expertly curated collection features exclusive new writing by Araton and postscripts from the original journalists, revealing candid exchanges with NBA greats that didn't make the original newspaper edit and tracing the rise of a worldwide phenomenon from a contemporary vantage point.
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Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry of Precious Metals

Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry of Precious Metals

This is consistent with observations in this paper and by others [18] of thick gold-rich rims and a nugget shape, ... The combination of elevated Fe and Mn associated with the gold nuggets from the black placers, and the geological ...

Author: Frank Reith

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783038973461

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Precious metals continue to have economic and sociocultural importance, as their usage evolves and diversifies over time. Today, the industrial application of precious metals is increasing with the development of scientific and technological innovations. Especially, the biological cycling of these metals is receiving more and more attention, as the microbiota may be key to a range of issues regarding exploration, ore-processing and metallurgy, and the processing of electron waste. In this volume, we focus on enhancing the fundamental understanding of the biological processes that drive noble metal cycling and examine how this knowledge may be turned into biotechnolical applications.
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Eating Behavior and Food Decision Making in Children and Adolescents

Eating Behavior and Food Decision Making in Children and Adolescents

Four percent (3/83) of vegetables category met criteria for HPF, all of which were breaded vegetable nuggets with elevated fat and sodium (e.g., Earth's Best Organic Gluten Free Baked Sweet Potato Nuggets).

Author: Oh-Ryeong Ha

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889744954

Category: Science

Page: 191

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Mining in the Pacific States of North America

Mining in the Pacific States of North America

66 Large Nuggets . & 44. There is some doubt about the size of the largest lump or nugget of native gold . ... of Charles the Fifth , and was sent as a gift to that monarch , who rewarded the donors by elevating them all to nobility .

Author: John Shertzer Hittell


ISBN: OXFORD:590490563

Category: Mines and mineral resources

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Lightweight Alloys for Aerospace Applications

Lightweight Alloys for Aerospace Applications

In addition, coarse second phase particle dissolution within the weld nugget due to the heat input generated during the ... an additional explanation for the elevated hardness observed in the weld nuggets relative to the base sheet.

Author: Kumar Jata

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118787847

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 416

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This proceedings volume from the 2001 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition covers advances made in the area of scientific understanding of technological application of lightweight alloys. Papers focus on fundamental science as well as application and concentrate on scientific advances in aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and beryllium alloys and their composites. Processing, structure-property relationship, failure mechanisms, and advanced joining themes are also discussed.
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The Thermodynamic Properties of the ZnO Fe2O3 Fe3O4 System at Elevated Temperatures in Two Parts

The Thermodynamic Properties of the ZnO Fe2O3 Fe3O4 System at Elevated Temperatures  in Two Parts

4068 Test pit Hardcastle - Nugget Gulch area , Catron County , N. Mex . 4068 Panning Do. 4068 Channel Area D , Sierra County , N. Mex . 4068 Arroyo C , Sierra County , N. Mex . 7 35.165 22.393 195 4 8 .349 .950 62 9 10 4.091 2.192 .277 ...

Author: Alton B. Cook


ISBN: OSU:32435067624510

Category: Aluminum alloys

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curtains in her bedroom at The Laurels, lifting nuggets of coal from the scuttle with polished metal tongs, poking the fire to make it blaze. She gazed at the plank bed and the coarse grey blanket and she thought of climbing on to her ...

Author: Joyce Marlow

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9781783010325

Category: Fiction

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An award winning story of the epic campaign for "e;Votes for Women "e; and a tempestuous love affair.....Kessie Thorpe, the daughter of a Manchester mill-owner is charming, innocent, eager. Sarah Whitworth hails from a tough, working class Lancashire background. Alice Hartley is a rich American, brought to England to find a titled husband, but headstrong Alice has other ideas. Their lives converge in 1905 when the three young women join the Pankhursts in the suffrage struggle. And join forces to get Sarah's charismatic brother Tom Whitworth elected as an MP for the newly formed Labour party.At the core of the novel is Kessie and Tom's stormy marriage, Alice's desire to bed Tom, and Sarah's disastrous foray into "e;free love"e;. While Kessie struggles to find the balance between her personal life as wife and mother and what she sees as her public duty, Tom's attitude towards the wife he loves is a mixture of pride and an exasperation that leads him astray.Joyce Marlow draws on her extensive historical knowledge to depict the highs and lows of the suffrage campaign in a highly readable novel that has a surprising relevance to the problems that still face women in the twenty-first century.
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It Was at Hand

It Was at Hand

Here are a few more uplifting nuggets: I do not believe in inevitable progress toward a much better world in this dispensation and God's church has 71 Dispensations: A New View That Sees the Future Pessimistically.

Author: Michael E. Riemer

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781591601012

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"In this provocative new book, Michael Riemer uncovers the contradictions of dispensational "end times" theology."--Back cover
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Advances in Medical Education

Advances in Medical Education

By means of a systematic exploration of stories and enactments, group members could elucidate counter transferential positions and elevate nuggets of supra verbal professional performance to (reflected) competence.

Author: A.J.J.A. Scherpbier

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401148863

Category: Education

Page: 820

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About 550 registrants from 51 different countries attended the Seventh Ottawa Conference on Medical Education and Assessment in Maastricht. We received 525 abstracts for the conference, divided in thematic poster sessions and platform presentations. Organising the conference was an honour and we tried to meet the high standards of a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which has characterized previous Ottawa conferences. During and after the conference about 250 papers were submitted for publication in the conference proceedings, leaving us little time for a post-conference depression. Despite the large number of papers, the editors have attempted to review and edit the papers as care fully as possible. Occasionally, however, correspondence exceeded reasonable deadlines, preventing careful editing of a small number of the papers. Although we felt that our editorial task was not quite finished, we nevertheless decided to include these papers. We thank the many authors for their enthusiastic and prompt response to - occasionally tedious - editorial suggestions and requests. We are sure that this collective effort has resulted in a book that will make an important contribution to the field of medical education. The editors want to thank Jocelyn Flippo-Berger whose expertise with desk top publishing and perseverance was a great help.
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Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys

Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys

Joining of AA2024 to AA7010 by FSW leads to galvanic corrosion because the AA7010 nugget has elevated anodic reactivity whereas the AA2024 nugget has elevated cathodic reactivity. Laser surface melting leads to a highly homogeneous ...

Author: Edward Ghali

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470531761

Category: Science

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Valuable information on corrosion fundamentals and applications of aluminum and magnesium Aluminum and magnesium alloys are receiving increased attention due to their light weight, abundance, and resistance to corrosion. In particular, when used in automobile manufacturing, these alloys promise reduced car weights, lower fuel consumption, and resulting environmental benefits. Meeting the need for a single source on this subject, Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys gives scientists, engineers, and students a one-stop reference for understanding both the corrosion fundamentals and applications relevant to these important light metals. Written by a world leader in the field, the text considers corrosion phenomena for the two metals in a systematic and parallel fashion. The coverage includes: The essentials of corrosion for aqueous, high temperature corrosion, and active-passive behavior of aluminum and magnesium alloys The performance and corrosion forms of aluminum alloys The performance and corrosion forms of magnesium alloys Corrosion prevention methods such as coatings for aluminum and magnesium Electrochemical methods of corrosion investigation and their application to aluminum and magnesium alloys Offering case studies and detailed references, Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys provides an essential, up-to-date resource for graduate-level study, as well as a working reference for professionals using aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys.
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