Beige Is Not a Color

Beige Is Not a Color

And in this volume, he has culled some 280 of his favorite images, all wholly different but all sharing one quality: the beauty of color, both literally and figuratively.

Author: Carlos Mota

Publisher: Vendome Press

ISBN: 0865653666

Category: Design

Page: 320

View: 226

Bland is anathema to Carlos Mota. As he travels the world--from Lisbon to Tangier, India to Santo Domingo, New York to Paris--producing feature stories and ad campaigns for countless publications and companies, he exults in every spark of originality and creativity he sees. Fortunately for us, he not only documents his sightings with his camera but also collects images by a Who's Who of interiors and architectural photographers. And in this volume, he has culled some 280 of his favorite images, all wholly different but all sharing one quality: the beauty of color, both literally and figuratively. There are interiors, table settings, fabric swatches, tiles, floral arrangements, sculptures, architectural ornamentation--whatever captures his discriminating eye. Peppered with quotes about color and beauty by a host of designers, Beige Is Not a Color is the antithesis of bland and as aspirational as it is inspirational.
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Color and Design

Color and Design

The next most frequently mentioned colors were natural and earth colors, white and brown, blue, tan, yellow, beige, and no color or transparent in order of frequency. When students used the words natural and earth colors, they did not ...

Author: Marilyn DeLong

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781847889539

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 227

From products we use to clothes we wear, and spaces we inhabit, we rely on colour to provide visual appeal, data codes and meaning. Color and Design addresses how we understand and experience colour, and through specific examples explores how colour is used in a spectrum of design-based disciplines including apparel design, graphic design, interior design, and product design. Through highly engaging contributions from a wide range of international scholars and practitioners, the book explores colour as an individual and cultural phenomenon, as a pragmatic device for communication, and as a valuable marketing tool. Color and Design provides a comprehensive overview for scholars and an accessible text for students on a range of courses within design, fashion, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology and visual and material culture. Its exploration of colour in marketing as well as design makes this book an invaluable resource for professional designers. It will also allow practitioners to understand how and why colour is so extensively varied and offers such enormous potential to communicate.
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The Twelve O Clock Bus

The Twelve O   Clock Bus

No one in your family ever looked like her.” He tilted her chin. “Look at that face. How old is she? ... But,” he glanced at her breasts, “Beige is not your color.” She looked down at her sweater. Beige, not her color?

Author: Adrienne Wolfert

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475944039

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

View: 524

The landscape of the 1932 Connecticut farm is bleak and rocky. farm animals furrowed parched grass. To this lonely place the State brought an unclaimed child, without a past or conceivably a present. But Zara, who has been abused and used for the purpose of others, is determined to control her own destiny. Scenes showing the tender growth of love between a woman and a child, or a college boy corralling a wild pig, or a barbaric barn dance, are unforgettable. But at the contentious State convention, Zara discovers the secret that will give her powers she has never imagined. Set against the background of small-town politics, 12 OClock Bus is an amazing and beautifully written book the reader will not forget.
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Wacky Chicks

Wacky Chicks

Author Carole Jackson exploded onto best-seller lists in the early 1980s, mesmerizing the women of America, not to mention color-confused Canadians like Jessica. The 1970s, as you recall, were all about beige.

Author: Simon Doonan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743254595

Category: Humor

Page: 272

View: 991

Most of us know a wacky chick. She's a true nonconformist, a woman who dares to be different. On any ordinary day she might be found performing a citizen's arrest, running a concession stand at a swingers' convention, or wearing a tiara on top of a cowboy hat. Even when conservatively dressed, wacky chicks give themselves away with their fire and exuberance: their outrageous personalities make them as easy to spot as a flamingo prancing among pigeons. Once considered a rarity, this wild and wonderful species seems to be increasing its numbers. In Wacky Chicks, irreverent social commentator and humor writer Simon Doonan celebrates this growing phenomenon by introducing readers to a bracing cross section of today's most provocative and unconventional women. He asks them to reveal what it takes to be a wacky chick and how wacky-chickery can help women everywhere find creative fulfillment. Readers will learn everything from wacky-chick spiritualism (woo-woo chicks) to wacky-chick business sense (chicks with shticks). We will witness their lives, habitats, mating rituals, careers, and childbearing practices. There's even priceless advice on fashion, beauty, interior decorating, finding the right partner, and unleashing your feminist wacky chick without losing your femininity. Some of Doonan's wacky chicks you may already know -- Amy Sedaris, cocktail waitress turned creator and star of Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy, and her alter ego Piglet; Warhol muse and Key lime pie aficionado Brigid Berlin; and Susanne Bartsch, the woman who showed Madonna how to vogue. But most are supervixens you've never met, because, naturally, a wacky chick does not aspire to traditional fame and fortune. Included here are the life lessons of fashion designer turned park ranger Spider Fawke, the proud mother of thirty-eight lizards and a four-inch tarantula; slashed-spandex-wearing Isabel Garrett; hip hypnotist Jessica Porter; and a new age pixie named Kazuko. They are about as diverse a flock as you can imagine, but they share a common theme: all of these women are Belligerent, Resilient, Uninhibited, Naughty, Creative, and Hilarious (B.R.U.N.C.H. for short). In a word, they are wacky. A book that pays tribute to the wild and unstoppable female in each of us, Wacky Chicks is the ultimate guide to embracing your inner rebel. Mixing intimate and outrageous interview material with philosophical interludes, Simon Doonan brings you on a soul-searching journey that may leave you creating hats out of tinfoil or opening your own hot dog stand, infinitely self-assured and infinitely wacky.
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Cyanotype Toning

Cyanotype Toning

... red, dried Vitis vinifera folium Dark petrol green, no noticeable color shift Viola odorata no Violet, english, ... tone pale denim blue and yellowish beige, shifting to a less yellow beige Split tone blueish gray and warm beige, ...

Author: Annette Golaz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000430424

Category: Photography

Page: 284

View: 176

Cyanotype is the most accessible and frequently used of all the alternative photographic processes. When utilized properly, it has the potential to rival other processes when it comes to detail and tonal range, but its Prussian blue color isn’t always suitable for the final photograph. Throughout history, cyanotype prints have been toned not only with various—and at times hazardous—chemicals but also with more natural ingredients like tea and coffee. Since the cyanotype itself is non-toxic, Cyanotype Toning will champion an innovative process, developed by the author, of toning cyanotypes with natural material. This process, which is easy and reliable, offers a much broader range of possible colors and even beautiful black and whites. Even duotone or tricolor prints can be attained. The book consists of two parts. Part One is a step-by-step how-to section including all the information that a student at any level needs to achieve a successfully toned print. Easy-to-understand background information is provided on how and why the process works so that readers can venture on their own into the world of natural colors. The first part also has a detailed section on all the factors that can influence the outcome, like paper choice, water quality, properties of the plants, temperature of the bath and the duration of the toning. Part Two is devoted to contemporary artists who have explored toning with botanicals and integrated the process into their creative practice. The book includes: A list of equipment and supplies needed. In depth information about useful plants and the specific properties that make them suitable for toning cyanotypes. Concise step-by-step instructions for printing cyanotypes successfully. A chart of more than 60 tested papers with recommendations on paper choice. Step-by-step generic instructions on toning with botanicals. Troubleshooting toning with botanicals. More detailed recipes for specific colors with information about the plants. Step-by-step instructions on how to print duotone and tricolor prints. A range of creative ideas on how to use the process in classrooms and with different age groups. A comprehensive list of more than 380 tested parts of plants and possible color outcomes. Using botanicals to tone cyanotypes broadens the color spectrum, enlarges creative possibilities and makes the cyanotype process even more versatile. The process is not cut and dried science but a limitless field for discovery and surprises. Cyanotype Toning provides accessible information and instructions for readers at all levels. It is comprehensive and explanatory, so that readers can expand on the subject on their own, as did the contemporary artists who share their experiences and the works they have created using this innovative toning process.
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Billmeyer and Saltzman s Principles of Color Technology

Billmeyer and Saltzman s Principles of Color Technology

consider the industrial application of color technology largely in this objective vein. In summary, we provide a brief résumé of the ... It does not tell you the best way to make a beige shade in vinyl plastic at the lowest cost.

Author: Roy S. Berns

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119366683

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 220

This book offers detailed coverage of color, colorants, the coloring of materials, and reproducing the color of materials through imaging. It combines the clarity and ease of earlier editions with significant updates about the advancement in color theory and technology. Provides guidance for how to use color measurement instrumentation, make a visual assessment, set a visual tolerance, and select a formulation Supplements material with numerical examples, graphs, and illustrations that clarify and explain complex subjects Expands coverage of topics including spatial vision, solid-state lighting, cameras and spectrophotometers, and translucent materials
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We Ain t in Kansas No More

We Ain t in Kansas No More

')0 “Color of the universe” The universe is beige not black, with a snap nor blue, krackel pop but beige like an old suit hung in the dark reaches of a mothball infested closet. Amused at the sight of a moth with balls and wondering if ...

Author: R. D. McManes

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595227327

Category: Poetry

Page: 142

View: 731

This book contains a blend of unique surreal offbeat poetry mixed with a selection of more traditional verse. Loaded with humorous reads and a few tongue twisting patterns as well. Surreal to serene, most of these poems beg to be read out loud.
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The Dictionary of Colors and Colored Words

The Dictionary of Colors and Colored Words

(f6dbaa) pale yellowish-beige in color (f0da97) pale yellowishbeige in color strawberry adj. ... (used of colors) not harsh nor bright; not glaring in color subfusc also subfuscous adj. dark, drab, dull, dusky, or somber in color; ...

Author: Peter Isaacs

Publisher: Peter M. Isaacs

ISBN: 9781737837558

Category: Art

Page: 233

View: 768

The Dictionary of Colors and Colored Words is the world’s only true and comprehensive collection of lexically verifiable colors and colored words! With this dictionary, individuals near and far now have anytime access to a credible, trusted, and reliable lexical partner to help in absorbing, engaging, exploring, discovering, learning, referencing, maneuvering, and operating within and around the world of color, colors, and colored words. This colorific repository, which has well over 500 individual/specific colors spread over 280 pages strong, is organized and presented in abecedarian format and includes three special bonus sections: nouns only, adjectives only, and verbs only. Some of the entries, which span almost every area, discipline, or field, also include parenthesized boldface guidance as to where they are primarily used, as in art, painting, zoology, biology, botany, chemistry, medicine, dentistry, cartography, crystallography, gemology, mineralogy, psychology, ophthalmology, dermatology, anthropology, entomology, ornithology, computing, digital imaging, graphic arts, astronomy, mathematics, physics, meteorology, photography, printing, publishing, broadcasting, electronics and optics. Additionally, all colors and certain colored words are assigned a six-digit alphanumeric hexadecimal code that allows for precise color matching, classification, confirmation, or reproduction on any digital platform or elsewhere.
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Color Theory for the Make up Artist

Color Theory for the Make up Artist

You can see on the value scale that Beige B is slightly darker than Beige A. On a scale from 1–10 (dark to light), Beige A is about a 10, ... Also, be aware that light colors are not always intense, and dark colors are not always dull.

Author: Katie Middleton

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000599312

Category: Art

Page: 239

View: 703

Color Theory for the Make-up Artist: Understanding Color and Light for Beauty and Special Effects (Second Edition) analyzes and explains traditional color theory for fine artists and applies it to make-up artistry. This beautifully illustrated guide begins with the basics of color theory – why we see color, how to categorize and identify color, and relationships between colors – and relates these concepts to beauty and special effects make-up. The book provides a wealth of information, including how to mix flesh tones by using only primary colors, how these colors in paints and make-up are sourced and created, the reason for variations in skin colors and undertones, and how to identify and match these using make-up while choosing flattering colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Colors found inside the body are explained for special effects make-up, like why we bruise, bleed, or appear sick. Ideas and techniques are also described for painting prosthetics, in addition to using color as inspiration in make-up designs. The book also discusses how lighting affects color on film, television, theater, and photography sets, and how to properly light a workspace for successful applications. The second edition features: A brand-new chapter on color inspiration in make-up and design Additional and updated diagrams More real-life application photos and demonstrations, including new examples of tattoo covering and prosthetic painting using optical mixtures, airbrush, and stippling Expanded discussion on undertones, skin variations, color correction, pigments, colored gels, and more Filled with stunning photography and practical information, Color Theory for the Make-up Artist provides guidance and inspiration for both professionals and beginners who wish to train their eye further to understand and recognize distinctions in color.
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