All Good Things

All Good Things

“Good-bye, Jean-Luc,” he said in earnest tones. “I'll miss you, you know. You did have a great deal of potential . . . of entertainment value. But as you can see, all good things must come to an end.” Geordi shook his head, ...

Author: Michael Jan Friedman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743420761

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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Seven years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard first faced the judgment of the Q Continuum -- a race of beings with God-like powers over time and space who presumed to gauge humanity's fitness to exist in the galaxy. Seven years ago they suspended judgment, but now a decision has been reached: The human race will be eliminated, not only in the present, but throughout time. Humanity will never have existed at all. The only chance to save mankind lies with Captain Picard. An old enemy has granted him the power to revisit his life as it was seven years before, and to experience his life twenty-five years in the future. With the help of friendships that span time and space, Picard struggles to defeat the plans of the Q Continuum. But even as he fights to save the human race from total extinction, he has been set up to be the unwitting agent of mankind's destruction. In an effort to save humanity, Picard must sacrifice himself and all those he commands and if their sacrifice fails all mankind is doomed.
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All Good Things

All Good Things

Good Things Come Book 3 Linda Shantz. Dean greeted him blandly and walked out beside the filly in silence. Good. The worker helped get him back in the right frame of mind — one that would prepare him to ride in the Plate in eleven hours ...

Author: Linda Shantz

Publisher: Linda Shantz

ISBN: 9781777300340

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Horse racing's dream team is back. Nate Miller’s finally got everything he’s ever wanted. He’s the leading jockey in Canada, he’s finally convinced trainer Liv Lachance to take a chance on the two of them being a couple, and Chique just might take them to the Breeders’ Cup. Getting the chance to ride in California during the off-season should be the icing on the cake, until Liv, after pushing him to accept the opportunity, says she's not going with him. What starts out as a dream come true turns into the winter from hell. Racing is hard on relationships. Nate and Liv will have to beat the odds if theirs is going to survive. From Woodbine to Santa Anita and back again, All Good Things dives deep into the ups and downs of Thoroughbred racing and the lives of the people devoted to the horses at its heart. The Good Things Come Series: Good Things Come (Good Things Come Book 1) All The Little Things (Good Things Come Book 2) All Good Things (Good Things Come Book 3)
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All Good Things

All Good Things

It's all...tidy in my head. Using the Fae magic with it is like a part of the formula bracketed off, isn't it? Like a shorthand for stuff that would be too broad to express with sorcerous terms.” Beatrice stared at her long enough to ...

Author: Emma Newman

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781682306178

Category: Fiction

Page: 436

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The long-awaited conclusion to the series that mixes modern urban fantasy with Regency/Victorian society from “an extraordinary new voice in SF/F” (Paul Cornell, Hugo Award-winning author). As the Iris family consolidates their hold on society within the secret world of the Nether, William Iris finds himself more powerful and yet more vulnerable than ever. His wife, Cathy, has left him, a fact that will destroy him if it becomes public. To keep his position—and survive—he needs to get her back, whatever the cost. Cathy has finally escaped the Nether but hates that she must rely so heavily on Sam’s protection. When the strange sorceress Beatrice offers her a chance to earn true freedom by joining the quest Sam has been bound to, Cathy agrees. But can she and Sam navigate Beatrice’s plans for the future without becoming two more of her victims? And Beatrice, a self-taught and powerful killer, is not without her enemies. Rupert, the last sorcerer of Albion, is obsessed with finding and destroying her. He orders Max and his gargoyle to help him, pulling them away from protecting innocents. As the Arbiter and his partner face the ugly side of their responsibilities to Rupert, they begin to question where their loyalties should truly lie. Amidst death, deceit, and the fight for freedom, friendships are tested, families are destroyed, and heroes are forged as the battle to control the Split Worlds rages to its climatic conclusion. Praise for the Split Worlds series “JK Rowling meets Georgette Heyer.”—The Guardian “Learning to be a young lady has never seemed so dangerous.”—Mary Robinette Kowal, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author
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All Good Things Come to an End

All Good Things Come to an End

I'm a smoky-eyed brunette with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatiron. And I'm all legs, like a bar stool. But there is an invisible thread that ties us together; both of us swear that tie began long ...

Author: Kate Brian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781442445543

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 88

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These bestselling series may have ended, but it’s never too late to start reading them! This e-sampler features excerpts from the first books in each series. Private by Kate Brian The Hollow by Jessica Verday The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Good Things

Good Things

Practical goodness...common goodness...all goodness comes to be taken for granted. All of this is a lie. The truth is that God is the source of all goodness and good things: “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above” ...

Author: Kevin Gerald

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 9781601427755

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Take a fresh look around you with eyes that cut through the daily distortions and see the undeniable and extravagant goodness of God. There are certain messages today, both outside and inside the church, that have tainted the true message of God’s favor. The reality is God isn’t obligated to provide good things for us—but He wants to! This is your opportunity to adopt a favor-minded mentality and realize that God’s favor, like His grace, is unearned, limitless, and never-ending. And, it’s for us! In Good Things, Kevin Gerald invites you to become a good finder. This book will equip you to: ● Discover that the goodness of God exceeds the pain of life’s hardship. ● Know how to keep your mind on God’s favor not your failure. ● Recognize that Grace and Favor are so intertwined you can’t separate them. ● Apply seven favor dynamics that will help you overcome relationship barriers. ● See what you are certain to overlook until your eyes are trained to see it. It’s time you move forward in confidence, knowing that God is for you. He is always seeking to give you good things, and His favor is forever!
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Ordo et Sanctitas The Franciscan Spiritual Journey in Theology and Hagiography

Ordo et Sanctitas  The Franciscan Spiritual Journey in Theology and Hagiography

Let us refer all good to the Lord, God Almighty and Most High; acknowledge that every good is His; and thank Him “from Whom ... Thus a person within the supply-and-demand matrix of salvation must not simply desire good things; rather, ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004341159

Category: History

Page: 370

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Ordo et Sanctitas: The Franciscan Spiritual Journey in Theology and Hagiography offers articles on Franciscan hagiographical texts; medieval theology and the Bonaventurian theological tradition; and the retrieval of the Franciscan tradition in a contemporary context.
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A Body of Practical Divinity

A Body of Practical Divinity

The encouragement there is to trust in the Lord , and that for all things and at all times First , There is encouragement to trust in God for all things . - 1 . All things are of him ; that is , all good things in nature , providence ...

Author: John Gill

Publisher: The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc.

ISBN: 1579788882

Category: Religion

Page: 380

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Great Books Reader The

Great Books Reader  The

And that good is that, to which if any man attain, he can desire nothing further. It is that highest of all good things, and it embraces in itself all good things: if any good is lacking, it cannot be the highest good, since then there ...

Author: John Mark Reynolds

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9780764208522

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 656

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"This anthology includes excerpts from thirty of the greatest works in western literature, and essays about those works written by distinguished professors, lecturers, and authors"--Provided by publisher.
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John Calvin as Teacher Pastor and Theologian

John Calvin as Teacher  Pastor  and Theologian

In the beginning God had established man as His son to be the heir of all good things; but the first man by his sin alienated from God both himself and his posterity and deprived them both of the blessing of God and of all good things.

Author: Randall C. Zachman

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9780801031298

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 289

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Offers a comprehensive understanding of Calvin and the scope of his work and writing in a clear, accessible fashion.
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The Star Trek The Next Generation Companion Revised Edition

The Star Trek  The Next Generation Companion  Revised Edition

Second Asst. Director: ******Arlene Fukai Costume Designer: ***Robert Blackman (EMMY CO-NOMINEE, outstanding costumes, series: “All Good Things...”/277-278) Co-Costume Designer: () Abram Waterhouse (272278) (EMMY CO-NOMINEE, ...

Author: Larry Nemecek

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743476577

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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With the release of the hit feature Star Trek: Nemesis this is the perfect opportunity to update this book with all of the Star movies featuring The Next Generation cast! Here is the complete official guide to every episode of the television adventures of the Starship Enterprise and all four of the major motion pictures from Star Trek Generations to latest Star Trek: Nemesis. This companion is a compendium of information including plot summaries and credits for each show and motion picture, as well as fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into creation of The Next Generation. Take a glimpse into the shows incredible seven-year run where it reigned at the very top of the syndicated television ratings. Illustrated with more than 150 black and white photographs, this is the official reference guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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