The Lives of Celebrated Travellers

The Lives of Celebrated Travellers

... and by his ingenuity in contriving a bandage for Bruce's feet probably saved the traveller's life . Here and there upon the sands , the bodies of men who had been murdered , and of camels which had perished for want , met their eyes ...

Author: James Augustus St. John


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For the Weary Life Traveler

For the Weary Life Traveler

The word path in Hebrew is orach, meaning way, path, road, passing of life, a way of living, traveler, wayfarer.3 The word way caught my attention. It reminded me of another verse that is quoted often. Because of its frequent use, ...

Author: Christine F. Perry

Publisher: WestBow Press

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This 31-day devotional reminds us that life is a journey, and we, as believers, are travelers passing through. Along the way, we will grow weary and tired. In life, we will go from season to season, but we can find comfort in the character and promises of God, knowing He will lead us safely home.
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Annual Report of the Superintendent of Insurance of the State of Kansas

Annual Report of the Superintendent of Insurance of the State of Kansas

Atwood , Daniel Travelers ( life and accident . ) Byington , J. A .. Travelers ( life and accident . ) Joerger , J. N .. Travelers ( life and accident . ) Keller , Henry C ... Travelers ( life and accident . ) ...

Author: Kansas. Insurance Department


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The Lives of Celebrated Travelers

The Lives of Celebrated Travelers

To strengthen their virtue , and encourage them in their austere way of life , they are frequently visited by certain young women , who may ... had broken up the path in many places , and opened to the travellers a view of JAMES BRUCE .

Author: James Augustus St. John


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Travelers Five Along Life s Highway

Travelers Five Along Life s Highway

To this charming province in the wide domain of letters "Travelers Five" belongs, and Mrs. Annie Fellows ... of life; here, the old story, a fine gentleman's sense and feeling masquerading under the antics of a traveling clown; next, ...

Author: Annie F. Johnston

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 9781776675333

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In this refreshingly innovative collection of sketches, author Annie F. Johnston introduces a motley crew of five characters. Although all five are at vastly different phases and stages in their lives, the tales are yoked together by a unifying thread of humanity.
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Tale Of Two Twins A The Langevin Experiment Of A Traveler To A Star

Tale Of Two Twins  A  The Langevin Experiment Of A Traveler To A Star

This remark provides a means, for any among us who wants to devote two years of his life, to find out what the earth will be like in 200 years, and to explore the future of the earth, by making in his life a jump ahead that will last ...

Author: Lucien Gilles Benguigui

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789811219115

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The thought experiment proposed by Langevin in 1911, known under the popular names, 'Clock Paradox' or 'Twin Paradox', is the most surprising result of the theory of Relativity: A twin who travels to a star at nearly the velocity of light comes back to Earth and finds his twin brother much older. In over a century, several thousands of published articles debated both in favor of and against this result. Unique to the physics of Relativity, this baffling phenomenon is analyzed as a main goal of this book.Among an incredible number of solutions, is there one of simplicity and clarity which may be accepted unanimously by all of the physics community? The answer is yes and this solution, which has its origin in Einstein himself, is developed in the framework of the Special Theory of Relativity. In detailing this solution, it is shown that the essential ingredient to understand the theory is the acceleration of the twins. All the models which do not include acceleration are incompatible with the original idea of Langevin. If one considers this phenomenon, several questions come to mind. Why did physicists debate excessively on the paradox and struggle to reach an agreement? Why was there resistance to integrate acceleration into their studies? Why is the solution developed in this book known only by a minority of scientists?Written for physicists, historians and philosophers of science, this book seeks to answer these questions based on (1) the psychological difficulty to accept the theoretical results, and (2) the fact that scientific knowledge is not uniformly distributed among scientists.
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Travellers Tales of Wonder

Travellers  Tales of Wonder

Now, to his great surprise, in his mid-seventies and near the end of his life, he had found in the unexpected ... As this sense of others' losses mounts, diversifies, so too does the traveller's hold on the land of his imagination.

Author: Simon Cooke

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748675470

Category: Literary Criticism

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Exploring travellers' tales of wonder in contemporary literature, this study challenges a sensibility of disenchantment with travel. It reassesses travel writing as an aesthetically and ethically innovative form in contemporary international literature, and demonstrates the crucial role of wonder in the travel narratives of writers such as Bruce Chatwin, V.S. Naipaul, and W.G. Sebald. Their 'travellers' tales of wonder' are read as a challenge to the hubris of thinking the world too well known, and an invitation to encounter the world - including its most troubling histories - with a sense of wonder.
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Seeing Europe as a Traveler Not a Tourist

Seeing Europe as a Traveler  Not a  Tourist

Mid-life, for me, was not a career change, but a button labeled “Restart.” I frequently said that I wasn't “retired”—but “re-wired.” It was more a matter of moving from “having a career” to not having one. In retrospect, moving to ...

Author: Dennis Glaser

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462827217

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A Geezers Guide to Seeing Europe as a Traveler, Not a Tourist is precisely what the title implies. Based in a home he shared with a family in a small French village near Paris, Glaser traveled France, England, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Portugal. Not to just visit the many tourist attractions, but to meet and form relationships with the people who lived there. He mastered the art of traveling on buses and the continents high-speed trains and, in most cases, with no definite destination in mind. His objective was to know the people, and through them, learn the lessons their cultures had to teach him. Two trips to Tunisia, in North Africa, brought him into contact with the Arab world that tourists never have the opportunity or inclination to experience. Accounts of a trip on the Orient Express are mixed with reports on traveling to London by train through the chunnel. Often without a precise destination in mind and always without advance hotel reservations, Glaser was exposed to Europe in ways a tourist seldom would be able to experience its varied nations and cultures. For example, he visited the Normandy beachheads on the Fourth of July, and spent two weeks in a Portugal resort hotel primarily populated by German tourists. Drawing on an extensive catalog of pen pals, he often was exposed to life as it was actually lived and not just as described in a tourists guide book. And everywhere he met interesting people: a schoolteacher in France, an American traveler on the European leg of his around the world journey, a native of Brazil who had married a man from Poland, and was now living in Germany, a writer in England who was a rural farm child during World War II and grew up to become the first model for a famous cosmetics company founder. So, this is not your usual travel book. In it, youll meet people youd never expect to meet, and gain insights on life in other countries and other cultures. It is not a book that needs to be read cover to cover. Instead, just open to any chapterand enjoy!
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Sessional Papers

Sessional Papers

7 GEORGE V, A. 1917 THE TRAVELLERS LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA— Continued. List of Shareholders— Continued. Name. Address. Garrow, Dr. A. E Gcraghty, Wm.. Gordon, C. B Gordon, J. R Graham, Mrs. C. L Graham, Hon. Geo.



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"Report of the Dominion fishery commission on the fisheries of the province of Ontario, 1893", issued as vol. 26, no. 7, supplement.
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A Traveler s Nightmare A Necromancer s Dream A Book of Poems

A Traveler s Nightmare   A Necromancer s Dream  A Book of Poems

The Traveler I Troubadour The traveler a troubadour of life. Walking the mean streets storing sights and sounds... gifts of knowledge passed onto the innocent and naïve. Opening eyes blinded by fears, darkness has no dominion in the ...

Author: JR. Prince

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN: 9781635089523

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These poems are thoughts, feelings, glimpses and ideas from the journey of my life. Some are good memories while others were written at darker times of my life. Each poem has a piece of my heart and soul imbued in the words.
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